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  1. Bullet21XD

    Any woodworking hobbyists around?

    You and me both. I am sure i'm the worlds worst woodworker! A lot of very cool stuff in this thread.
  2. Bullet21XD

    Things I have learned not to do about duck hunting.

    Never eat a sandwich that fell in the Salton Sea. Learned that from a friend.
  3. Bullet21XD

    Take a kid fishing?

    Many states have free fishing weekends for that very reason! I'd much rather take an older gent fishing than some kid. The old man(or woman) is less apt to get bored, and the conversation will be much better.
  4. Bullet21XD

    Record Burmese python caught in Fla.

    Seriously the most disgusting video ever posted on this site. Just the thought...FTS!
  5. Bullet21XD

    Record Burmese python caught in Fla.

    Oneshotbandit eats half of everything!:grvn
  6. Bullet21XD

    Record Burmese python caught in Fla.

    That's what I was thinking. Every snake i've shot...died instantly.
  7. Bullet21XD

    Snow goose floaters for ducks?

    Everything works in Kansas.
  8. Bullet21XD

    Federal Duck Stamps go on sale today

    I buy mine electronically as well. My reasoning I wouldn't consider "good"...just that it's probably one reason. I have no use for a physical stamp, it's a total waste. The issue I see with the "e" stamps, is that if I buy my stamp online through Minnesota, Kansas will not be able to verify it...
  9. Bullet21XD

    Federal Duck Stamps go on sale today

    Because there's 50+ different entities issuing licenses, permits, and stamps for hunting in the US. They are not all interconnected, electronically.
  10. Bullet21XD

    The Refuge's oldest member, OFH passed away at 98 years old

    Dang man! 98!! Hell of a run, Pete. RIP, sir.
  11. Bullet21XD

    Carry laws and laws in general on Native Indian reservations

    No problem. I hold most "humans" in very low regard.
  12. Bullet21XD

    Carry laws and laws in general on Native Indian reservations

    I don't carry off the reservation, I don't carry on the reservation. JFC! Some of ya'll need a reality check.
  13. Bullet21XD

    Poor man's Sitka Dakota...

    Well...they have a color named Grind, so i'm in.
  14. Bullet21XD

    How Much Does a Vote Cost in Minnesota ??

    More gas money for duck season!!
  15. Bullet21XD

    Friendly Mallard Drake

    I was gonna suggest posting pics of the boat! I love the old Eliminators and Hydrostreams!!
  16. Bullet21XD

    Bow Mounted Tripleshot Transducer mount?

    That's about your only option...gunwhale mount or rig up something similar to how the 360's are mounted. I don't know anyone that uses SI on the bow or trolling motor.
  17. Bullet21XD

    Friendly Mallard Drake

    Is that an Eliminator??
  18. Bullet21XD

    Seasonal Cook Position

    Can said applicant stay on the property the entire season? How many days a week can said applicant hunt?(minimum 5, maximum 6) How many ducks, geese, coots, rails, and swans were taken on the club during the last 5 seasons?
  19. Bullet21XD

    Early Teal

    Reciprocity?? Like what?? Another state can't give us anything. And how does one "stabilize the migration"? Please explain in detail...I gotta hear this! As far as data...there's plenty of it supporting teal seasons. "Mistake" ducks are minimal. There's info available if you look for it. If a...

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