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  1. Kornfed

    A few more days....then bring the rain!!

    My kinda living. Congrats on the new crib.
  2. Kornfed

    A little prayer

    Damn, didn’t read back to see she had already passed before my first post. Sorry man…
  3. Kornfed

    A little prayer

    You got it brother. Had to take my boy to the er a couple weeks back, don’t wish that misery on any man.
  4. Kornfed

    What's on your hunting bucket list ?

    Drake Blue Winged Teal
  5. Kornfed

    Things I have learned not to do about duck hunting.

    Never and I mean never strip down to your birthday suit in mid December and proceed to swim out to retrieve a stinky Canada goose.
  6. Kornfed

    2021-22 Dog photos

  7. Kornfed

    Workplace view

    Making fiberglass
  8. Kornfed

    Walmart theft

    Punished?!? Hell, they get more praise than punishment these days.
  9. Kornfed

    Party at Fasteel’s

    Mmmm… some Doritos and a cold mtn dew and we’re there.
  10. Kornfed

    It's so Hot,

    Usually triple digits in my parts this time of year. The cool won’t last long, but I’ll take the cool down.
  11. Kornfed

    Lets Go Giants...

    What nightmares are made of
  12. Kornfed

    Party at Fasteel’s

    You southern boys do it right. Most duck hunters in my part of the world are *******.
  13. Kornfed

    A better investment,Just trying to get ahead

    It’s when I put on my Mucks, gotta tell him I’m just g doing yard work today
  14. Kornfed

    Okay where are the steel dove loads at.

    Had to check Rogers every day for over a month before I scored a flat of dove loads. Be patient and pounce as soon as you see em.
  15. Kornfed

    New Pup

    Some of the best times I had with my pup was being out training and seen him starting to get it. Pictures and a log book brings those memories back at times. Good looking pup.
  16. Kornfed

    Kapler: it wasn't a matter of if, but when...

    What do you expect, the douchbag is in SF. Put up with all the gay crap they do, but this clown was the straw.
  17. Kornfed

    Music Videos

    Dude needs to smoke a doobie…
  18. Kornfed

    I have Covid

    Had that crap back in January, knocked me on my butt for a couple weeks. Worse thing for me was missing some prime time duck hunting. Not vaccinated.
  19. Kornfed

    Can’t be…

    Wonder if obiden is sending them to the border?!?
  20. Kornfed

    Can’t be…

    Checked entryexpress for upcoming hunt test in Calif. Nothing scheduled through the year.

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