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  1. oleww

    Russia takes losses in failed river crossing, officials say

    Britain’s Defense Ministry said Friday that Russia lost “significant” elements of at least one battalion tactical group — about 1,000 troops — as well as equipment used to quickly deploy a makeshift floating bridge while trying to cross the river...
  2. oleww

    More diverse pentagon and more of them Recent weeks saw two LGBTQ women confirmed to top military...
  3. oleww

    Sweet Skeet Feat! Soldier Takes Olympic Gold, Sets Record

    Join us in congratulating soldier-athlete Army 1st Lt. Amber English, who won the gold medal in the women's skeet shooting competition at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, breaking an Olympic record
  4. oleww

    Alligator lotto

    I was a nogo for this years public land alligator lottery hunt. I use gator season to scout for early teal. I guess I’ll do like the city boys do and just ride around on opening morning. anybody get public tags this year?
  5. oleww

    American flag is now racist?
  6. oleww

    June ‘21 was record heat

    The weatherman just did a piece on this past June was the hottest on record. The average for N. America was 2 degrees hotter than normal...
  7. oleww

    Fireworks anyone?
  8. oleww

    Pick up lines

    I realized on the way home from my local NAPA store that I forgot to get spark plugs so I stopped off at a new ‘big box?’ Auto store. I didn’t fit in there. I was in line behind this guy whom just dumped a couple of those screw in AC recharge bottles in his POS car and he was returning them...
  9. oleww

    Whistlers v1

    Started with Dixie Decoys as a template, ( thanks Dixie Decoys) I made me up some tree duck decoys. I had a friend take this picture of a live bird next to one of my decoys. It’s in summer time plumage so I’ll have to verify their winter coats. Some changes I’ll make for the next batch...
  10. oleww

    Medal of Honor I met Col Puckett at Fort Benning years ago. Retired Ranger Col. Ralph Puckett, 94, to receive Medal of Honor for Korean War battle
  11. oleww

    Biden nomination Pentagon's most senior openly transgender official

    It feels like they are just rubbing our noses in it. Biden nomination would be Pentagon's most senior openly transgender official President Biden will nominate a transgender retired Navy commander to oversee readiness at the Pentagon, the White House said Friday. If confirmed as assistant...
  12. oleww

    Remington rebates

    Remington is doing turkey ammo rebates this spring. I don’t understand this marketing strategy. Why give out ammo rebates when we are in an ammo shortage, from a company that’s bankrupt?
  13. oleww

    Transgenders in the military, welcome

    From our new SECDEF: Statement by Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III on Transgender Service in the Military JAN. 25, 2021 I fully support the President’s direction that all transgender individuals who wish to serve in the United States military and can meet the appropriate standards...
  14. oleww

    NASA Rocket testing

    Heads up. Stennis is testing some rocket motors tomorrow (16 January). I’d imagine folks not expecting will be surprised. wonder if it will stir some birds up?
  15. oleww

    Curb alert? Cabelas has 209 primers in stock

    heads up!!! Get them while you can!!! Online $4.99 per hundred. Cabela’s and bass pro have Winchester 209 primers in stock right now.
  16. oleww

    Carving wood question, Holly?

    Carving wood question, Holly? I have a Hollytree, like this one, To trim up at the farm. We call is a Holly tree, not bush, and limbs are fairly thick. The wood is white, fairly soft and chainsaw cuts it ok. Tried looking up Janka Hardness and whatnot to see if I could use it for...
  17. oleww

    White Privilege

    How does this White Privilege thing work? Like, for example, can I use it to get a better table at a restaurant? Is there a saying or secret handshake?

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