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  1. markd

    Kentucky Rifle

    Looking for a flintlock rifle. Joining the musket/salute detail with the SAR and figured I would try to find a used one first. Will likely use for hunting too. 45 cal and above, actual rifle preferred but will consider others. Thanks Mark
  2. markd

    Free 28ga Invector Choke Tube

    Cleaning off my desk at work I found a new in package flush Browning INVECTOR (yes INVECTOR) modified 28 ga tube. I have no need for it. First one to post up a picture with dead ducks that has the gun you will put it in gets it FREE. I will even pay the postage. Mark
  3. markd

    Straight from OnX

    Best Waterfowl Hunting States for 2021 Kansas: Best State for Geese and Ducks Ready for a mixed-bag hunt of epic proportions? The Sunflower State is a prime destination for finding ducks and geese moving south. It’s especially noted for hunting mallards on private and public lands, most of...
  4. markd


    Hey fellas, I'm going to be in Clearwater first week in November for a few days. Is it worth it to pack a travel rod/reel and try to catch a few fish before the late sleepers I'm on vacation with get up? Appreciate any input. Mark
  5. markd

    Anyone handload 32-20?

    I am about at the end of my factory 32-20 ammo, I have a bunch of brass and 100 gr Hornady XTP boolits. I don't load rifle, but my BIL does and I am looking for a recipe that is a little hotter than the factory stuff (1150-1200 fps). I am trying to get 1300-1400 fps and keep the pressure as low...
  6. markd

    Stevens Crackshot front sight

    Buddy has an old .32 rimfire Stevens Crackshot. He is putting it back together for his grandson and cannot find a replacement dovetail front sight. It appears to be either 5/16" or thereabouts..... I have looked through all the usual suspects, Numrich, Midwest, Ebay, Bob's.... with little luck...
  7. markd

    So close.....

    Thank you for entering the lottery for an opportunity to purchase Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 23 Year bourbon. Virginia ABC has concluded the lottery drawing for this product. Unfortunately, your entry was not selected. We received 63,596 entries in the Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 23...
  8. markd

    Trailer Tires

    I am having a bad run on 5.30 x 12 tires for the duck boat (Lund SSV18). The most recent round of Carlisle and Kenda tires have both worn out way too quick. Anyone with a quality brand recommendation? Also, should I go with radials vs bias plys? Thanks Mark
  9. markd

    Old Powder

    I was helping clean out an old fellas place recently and came upon some older powder. The labels indicated they were at least 1987 (but probably not much younger). A large portion of it is Red Dot, can(s) have been opened. Still looks/smells fine, not clumped.... No reason not to use it right...
  10. markd

    N VA Grand Passage Report

    I received this via handheld telephone text from a very reliable source in the northwest part of the commonwealth so I believe it is totally legit. Definitely not WVA. The migration is ON people!
  11. markd

    Chinese Flu kills Charley Pride
  12. markd

    Upland boots leaking

    I have 2 pair of Danner's (Sharptail pull-ons & a pair of Pronghorns) that have started to leak, just a little. Plenty of sole left on them, leather/fabric is still in pretty good shape. They are great dry conditions. They are 5-6 years old so I'm not going send them back to Danner...
  13. markd

    9.9 info

    I am trying to put a used 9.9 on my Gheenoe. 2- or 4-stroke, doesn't really matter to me. Does anyone have a website link (or thread link here) that details who makes the smaller outboards for Merc/OMC...... I am looking for is a reference/guide that will tell me who really manufactured that...
  14. markd

    Yamaha 60TLRA power tilt

    Over the weekend the tilt on my 2002 60 Yamaha stuck all the way down. Got to the ramp and it would not tilt up, we drug it out of the lake (scraping the skeg a little) and tried to lift it up. Felt like it was bound up on something under the bracket swivel (nothing visible was caught up)...
  15. markd

    Ooooooo, this will make things better....

    DGIF is now the Department of Wildlife Resources
  16. markd

    In before Little Ruddy.....

    OMG, the thread of a lifetime for LR and he's asleep at the switch..... You fellas get the Zone survey?
  17. markd

    LH 870 button

    I want to swap the RH safety on my 1976 Wingmaster over to LH. Does anyone have an original Remington LH button laying around they are willing to sell? All I can find online is the plastic one from Fortmann's. Should I just drill a new hole in the assembly and move the ball bearing detent and...
  18. markd

    Auto5 plastic stocks

    Looking for a set of aftermarket plastic stocks to put on my 1952 standard A5. Who makes the the best fitting in addition to quality? Are the Champion brand sets at MGW decent? I know the original Browning sets are good, looking for a little less expensive. If you have a set gathering dust, I...
  19. markd

    What dingus.....

    ...put a boat hide here? Someone on here/lurking knows them. Are they always this stupid?
  20. markd

    Voter Registration

    Last day to do it ya tossers...... yes even if you are already registered. GA trying to slip one by folks.

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