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  1. drahthaarducker

    Jurasic Park World Dominion

    I won't give anything away from the movie. There is a scene at the end that shows different dinosaurs living in harmony with modern day wildlife. There was a flock of Pterodactyl's mixed in with a flock of Canada Geese. I'm wondering if there is a consensus on what shot size and choke...
  2. drahthaarducker

    Serious Question for parents of Millenials who have grandchildren

    I don't have grandchildren but my Girlfriend has 3 grandchildren. A "no" from a parent now means the topic is open for debate and negotiation with the child. Is this normal. Just non-verbal attitude towards my parents ended with an *** whopping, needless to say I listened to my parents...
  3. drahthaarducker

    Punchline needed

    I'm at a loss for this one
  4. drahthaarducker

    Stolen Gun Question

    About 6 years ago I bought my daughter a shotgun from Gander Mountain in Salisbury, she called today and told me it was stolen from her friends home before she could get it into storage. Is there a way to get the serial #? Thanks David
  5. drahthaarducker

    Marsh Mule Cart ???

    Does anyone on here have one and are they worth the money? Due to recent illness and the aging process I'm looking for an easier way to get around the refuges.
  6. drahthaarducker

    Veterinarian Near Hanford needed

    I'm going to be recuperating in Hanford for the next 5 months and need a Veterinarian for shots, check ups, prescriptions and possibly neutering. Thanks (For dog not me)
  7. drahthaarducker

    How close is to close?

    Being newbie to the "California Refuge Hunting system " I wanted to know how much distance you leave other hunters? I've only drawn one resi so I'm always one of the later ones to arrive. My estimate is I've always set up at least 250 yards from the closest group and never downwind. Just...
  8. drahthaarducker

    Best Prom Picture Ever

    You gotta love Wyoming.
  9. drahthaarducker

    If you are looking for a new Gun dog...

    Might want to consider one of these
  10. drahthaarducker

    Prayers Update

    I've requested prayers a couple of times this year, and true to the Forums the response was overwhelming. May God bless each and everyone of you. From the bottom of my heart thank you! I've made a miraculously recovery. The day I was admitted I could barely use a urinal by myself and...
  11. drahthaarducker

    Prayers Needed

    Prayers needed guys. I'm in the hospital in Napa with suspected Guillain Barre Syndrome.. Prior to my respiratory infection last weekend I was running 3,5 miles as a "base run" , Sunday I was fatigued after a 1/2 mile walk on Humboldt Bay. Today the best I can do is stand in a standers...
  12. drahthaarducker

    De-funding Police

    I watched a 6 part documentary this weekend about a city that de-funded their Police Department. It's a scary thought.
  13. drahthaarducker

    Just for Fun....try this

    Go to YouTube on your Smart TV and put on "Barking Dogs". I can't get my pup to leave my side and walk past the TV now
  14. drahthaarducker

    Yuba-Sutter CWA Banquet?

    I was thinking about heading over to the Valley next month for a dog training day, I haven't committed to a date yet. I saw the Banquet is 3/26/22 , is this usually a good event? Anyone else going?
  15. drahthaarducker

    Magnum Tanglefree Decoys Custom flocked in Classifieds

    All Tanglefree decoy's custom flocked. I cannot remember who was interested in them 2 years ago but the shipping from Maryland was to expensive. Anyway some of my decoy's are up for sale.
  16. drahthaarducker

    Dennis Dunn is da Man!

    I'm no big game hunter but this was a really cool story. Long read though.
  17. drahthaarducker

    Whoopie only suspended for 2 weeks?

    I hate racism of any kind. I think it's time for her to go. Didn't Sharon Osborne and Jimmy the Greek get fired for their comments? Not to mention all these folks...
  18. drahthaarducker

    The City of Brotherly Love
  19. drahthaarducker

    Ultimate decoy jerk rig system, anyone try this?

    I saw a YouTube video and it looks interesting.
  20. drahthaarducker

    What else did you enjoy about your last hunt?

    Yesterday was the 1st time I didn't get drawn on NWR hunt. I went back for the 2nd draw at 10 and didn't get a blind refill till 11:30. It was a sunny bluebird afternoon and the only thing hitting the ponds were Bluebills coming in off the bay. I mainly wanted to hunt there because the...