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  1. Josh carpenter


    Anybody have or use the quackhead j frame?
  2. Josh carpenter


    A lot of people here have retrievers , what dogs stick out in your mind that have been good family pets companions , or terrible what was I thinking mistakes ? My wife has rejoined 2 beagles , she has found she loves working class breeds , Sherman our lab mix knows her emotions before I’d do :yes
  3. Josh carpenter

    Do you prefer stand or pole for decoys

    Do you prefer stands or poles for decoys?
  4. Josh carpenter

    Lay out blind

    All the post on layout blinds were 10+ years old , what are you currently using , likes dislikes? thanks
  5. Josh carpenter

    Congressional hearing

    Just read congress is having a hearing on ufo’ s how bad is our state of the union when there covering up the administration with this :z:doh
  6. Josh carpenter

    Pistol for female

    A good family friend wants a pink pistol any suggestions? Wanting to get her a 9mm and she wants pink thanks
  7. Josh carpenter

    Spring numbers

    Work out of town anybody notice ducks coming back?
  8. Josh carpenter

    Do dogs pick up bad habits from other dogs

    Don’t have a duck dog yet , waiting on some pets to pass away first . Have 2 Maltese that aren’t the good boys don’t dogs learn bad habits from other dogs? My wife says I’m wrong one of main things is tug of war they love it don’t want new pup learning bad habits that it sees daily who’s right?
  9. Josh carpenter

    Browning a 5 vs maxus

    Ok fugers let’s hear it
  10. Josh carpenter

    January goose hunt

    Looking to see if anyone is interested in a guided January hunt next year
  11. Josh carpenter

    Daylight savings time

    Just heard senate passed a bull to make daylight savings time permanent
  12. Josh carpenter


    How much coffee do you drink
  13. Josh carpenter

    Real tree max 7

    Heard real tree is coming out with max 7 might have been at shot show? Browning has it for the a5 looks very realistic
  14. Josh carpenter

    Canada survey

    Seeing Canada is shutting borders and truckers I figure there won’t be a survey again this year ?
  15. Josh carpenter

    How’s it going

    Working out of town anybody been out after deer season a guy I work with son got a 12 year old banded goose
  16. Josh carpenter

    Meeting in heaven

    Any person your interested in meeting in heaven ? Think it will be wonderful to see & sing with angels
  17. Josh carpenter


    What size cooler for a goose hunt traveling out of state?
  18. Josh carpenter

    Snow goose hunt

    from Ohio really want to do a snow goose hunt any body know some reputable guides
  19. Josh carpenter

    Snow goose hunt

    Really want to go on a snow goose hunt ,live in ohio saws guide gander hill anybody hunt with or know about them if want to come along let me know
  20. Josh carpenter

    Snow goose hunt

    Live in Ohio but want to do a snow goose hunt saw geese at your feet guide service looking for at least 1 more hunter