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  1. JRS

    RSI 103

    Anyone using RSI 103? I’m a fan. Especially with #5 steel, 30” Remington mod. Whatcha got?
  2. JRS

    Valley Springs tornado

    Any boots on the ground reports?
  3. JRS

    Who’s been reaped?

    Apparently I call pretty good. Gotta watch them Jake gobbles. Let’s hear some stories…
  4. JRS

    Spring cleaning

    Almost time.
  5. JRS

    Primitive birds Amazing
  6. JRS

    Stop sign guy

    Hopefully you made a pile…it’s dark in the delta at 0430
  7. JRS

    California Boater Card

    I want my day back. What a joke.
  8. JRS

    FML (Free MaLlard)

    Damn yellow billed boot lip. Free to a good home.
  9. JRS

    Best pile of the year

    No shame in my game. Watch those abandoned valley orchards. Meows the time…
  10. JRS

    CSD 20 vs TPS 20

    BPI at it again
  11. JRS

    Another old hen thread

    This ones cool.
  12. JRS

    Fed TG vs 1 piece

    Ya The hull I split is actually a 3” steel hull, same 2 piece design as the 2 3/4 TG. White basewad. The 1 piece is from 00 buck. Interested in hearing what others have to say about these hulls.
  13. JRS


    Who likes to cure “a lil hot”. I’m playing with some piquant lye cure, a little spice is nice…
  14. JRS

    OT: Ducks

    Anyone hunting them? Unfortunately I’m working. Pictures of nasty piles on tailgates will suffice.
  15. JRS

    Fed 10 gauge

    I have brown paper base; pre-primed with Fed 209m’s. I checked 10ga nut, RSI and Alliant- no recipes for Fed 209m. Anyone? I’m sure it’s somewhere, I just can’t locate it:reader
  16. JRS

    TSS 12 gauge load

    Anyone have a pet load they want to share? I loaded a few prototypes, I’m sure they won’t blow up my 3.5 gun, but they aren’t tested either. 1 oz TSS #7 @ 1,500 per my dumb math.
  17. JRS

    Pacific Flyway Supply

    I ordered yesterday, arrived today. I am impressed with the customer service, solid business model for sure.
  18. JRS


  19. JRS

    SAM 1

    Ever seen this?
  20. JRS