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    LEGISLATIVE ALERT - AB1227 Tax Ammo/Firearms

    Confirmation received that message was sent to my State Senator. ETA: My wife who is also a CWA member sent the message to our State Senator too.
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    2022 Federal Duck Stamp

    I gave up on the USPS, so today from Big 5.
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    Bruen Supreme court case and California is huge

    Per this thread's reference to New York State rifle & Pistol Assn vs Bruen... we shall see what happens. ABC News says it appears that NY's response to a revised gun permit process could include nonsensical stuff like social media checks. And we though idiotic government was unique to CA. :doh
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    Memes - PAF (post memes only)

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    You Ever Changed A Liberal’s Mind?

    Yup. Folks need to realize the major distinction being made. "Poor" is a relative term. Certainly being supportive of folks in unfortunate health or economic circumstances is admirable. On the other hand enabling those who's "poorness" is rooted in making unwise choices IMHO ought not be so...
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    Can't bring home birds killed in Canada

    Thanks for posting that. I looked at the Alberta PCZ maps and lo and behold some of the areas I've hunted are quite close to the areas affected.
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    Memes - PAF (post memes only)

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    Sometimes Republicans are Wrong

    Sadly that happens too often. That hope for ideological purity thing is pure fantasy. Who can name a politician without warts? My own congressman Darrel Issa did 18 years in the house, took a term off then got re-elected in 2020. His recent opposition candidate was a media favorite who...
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    Are you vaxxed?

    This particular thread began and currently exists only on the PAF. Any threads with similar content on the IL or CA forums (or any other 'fuge forum) exist independently.
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    Bitcoin Jesus is getting Crucified...

    Be assured that many things happen behind the curtain. Something not found on the front page, doesn't mean something didn't happen.
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    Bitcoin Jesus is getting Crucified...

    Is this Bitcoin Jesus’s momma?
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    The liberal real new world order.

    Joe’s forever tag line is “Can you top this?”
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    Angry leftie

    Well, I have attended county fairs and even viewed various animal breedings so there’s that too.
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    Angry leftie

    Dang, cracker here. I've attended one NBA game in my life and that was passing time while my wife worked on a project. We were in SLC and it just happened that the Jazz were in town. Our hotel was within walking distance of Vivint Arena sooooo. I recall the Jazz opponent may have been the...
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    MEME Commentary thread.

    Not a meme, but...
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    Upright Frezzer??

    I have two Frigidaires from Lowe's. One chest type and the other is upright (freezer on top, reefer on the bottom). Both are at least 15 years old and as long as the doors stay closed they work just fine.
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    Can't bring home birds killed in Canada

    Yup, the government trying hard (like it or not) to save us from ourselves.
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    Are you vaxxed?

    I'm sorta vaxxed. I did get the first two Moderna sticks, but zero boosters. My wife has had zero sticks. Prevention wise, we have been taking 2000 units of D3 and 50 units of Zinc daily for close to two years. I suppose the post sticks elapsed time means that I am currently unvaxxed. The...
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    CA Classifieds Heads up

    Any classified sale item posted prior to June 1, 2022 has been removed. Also, all Comments, ISO, or WTB posts have been removed. Should you wish to to continue an ad, please repost.