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    My best year.

    I'm glad to see your success! Thanks for sharing! R
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    Do you hunt near Antelope Causeway?

    I haven't heard any more about it. I'll see if I can find out if they approved the water right application. I am assuming they did, because they nearly always approve of any water application that diverts water away from the Great Salt Lake marshes. The GSL has no water right, it has no water...
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    Do you hunt near Antelope Causeway?

    So, here is the update. The DWQ was not at the hearing, so I couldn't ask them if the sewer district was complying with water quality standards in their outflow. But several different people spoke up on behalf of protecting the state-owned wetlands that need the outflow water to survive. In the...
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    Do you hunt near Antelope Causeway?

    If so... On December 16, 2015, the Sewer District filed to divert 15 cfs (10,900 acre ft or more) of water from the N.Davis Sewer District Outfall (from the sewer plant by the causeway). That water is currently being used by DWR to maintain and conserve wildlife and bird habitat, for waterfowl...
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    Very insightful post. I think it will be a big change in the numbers of waterfowl that the area will hold. The birds will have no choice but to overfly the GSL ecosystem or just stay a day or two before realizing that there is nothing here to hold them anymore. That is what is happening now...
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    The new manager of Ogden Bay WMA (Rich Hansen) is doing a great job. They have some senior water rights that help them keep water coming into the WMA. That helps, but the overall picture is bleak. On the bright side, he is working to really beef up the nesting projects on the WMA over the...
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    Question for airboaters

    I remember seeing a few of those big round barrels back in the early 90's. I also saw a few big plastic garbage cans dug in around the BRBR (probably 90 or 120 gallon size). Most of them popped out though, and they are still out there after 20 years (half buried). The worst ones were made of...
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    Here is an article that just came out about the Great Salt Lake: R
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    Keep in mind that Salt hunter is talking about how things were a long time ago. As RMK says, there are LOT'S of places to go out and hunt, fish , hike, ect around the Odgen area, BUT duck hunting is on it's way out. The Great Salt Lake marshlands are dying off due to a lethal combination of...
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    The last week of the hunt

    Pretty cool pic and a great pile of ducks! R
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    I'm selling my boat

    I sold my boat. I can't figure out how to delete the post so here is the update! Thanks, R
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    I'm selling my boat

    I listed this on the classified section, but here it is for us Utah forum folk. I'm selling my 15.5' Jon boat (all welded) with 35 hp Vanguard Go-Devil longshaft. Has several extra props, prop wrench, extra trailer hub, rock guard for prop, slick coating on bottom of the boat, and a travel...
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    Mud motor boats

    Change is coming...I feel it too. Dammit! R
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    southern utah phez

    Nice!! R
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    OT but I've never seen this before!

    Apocalypse food...I like your style! R
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    BRBR Management

    Yeah, i can't imagine The BRBR sueing the Bear River Club, they need to be good neighbors, and the club can be helpful to the refuge. But, hey, it's a crazy world! I agree that the idea of a "quality hunting experience" is subjective. That is all the more reason to not impose a federal rule...
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    Park City (Deer Valley) week of April 3, 2016

    I stoppped skiing a while ago, but I used to ski in April in short pants. It is nearing the end of the ski season. No one can know what the conditions will be, but Park City usually has snow in early April and Alta will have snow until May most years. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I'm sure...
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    BRBR Management

    I guess it all depends on what "pro hunting" means. If it means looking for ways to restrict access to newly purchased lands, looking for ways of restrict the number of hunters using our public lands (BRBR), if it means buying duck clubs and them immediatly closing them to access, or maybe if...
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    Weather and water

    Dry weather and water diversions are tough on our wetlands...what's left of them. For some reason, our water conservancy districts feel that the only way they can stay in the game is to ask for BILLIONS of our tax money to build more dams and pipelines. For some reason, many of our legislators...
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    Some GOOD news about Phragmites

    It has always seemed to be bad news when it comes to phrag. After our legislature failed to fund the FFSL (Division of State Lands) request for phrag funding, then sending 1.5 million dollars to dredge a marina at Utah Lake instead of the GSL marina...geez, it just seems hopeless at times...