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    Things I have learned not to do about duck hunting.

    It’s something I do for fun, don’t make it more. No specifics!
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    Lab Breeder Info

    Just looking at Facebook, lots of private people whoring out their dogs this year. Tons of puppies out there. Hope they all find good homes
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    Wood ducks

    How’s it looking for everyone? I finallly checked my boxes last week. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to clean em our last from last season. Still had 3 hens sitting and an owl. Found one box that looked like it had hatched. Almost zero water in the cabals and drains even with rice being...
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    Things with a trailer (Stolen boats ect)

    Not sure. It’s a liability thing for apple I think so they’re not getting in trouble for making a tracker for stalkers and such
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    Things with a trailer (Stolen boats ect)

    FYI on the apple air tags. They alert people with iPhones nearby that there is an apple air tag being tracked near them. But they do work pretty well. The air tags and newer apple air plugs have helped at work lately on finding stolen property or tracking car burglars.
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    10 Classic Shotguns Every Wingshooter Should Own

    Beretta 686 white onyx. 32” barrels
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    10 Classic Shotguns Every Wingshooter Should Own

    Once I sell my clays gun. That money will go toward an 1100 in 28 gauge if I can find one
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    OT: cable and Internet

    We just switched to Astound. Half the price of comcast. See how it goes.
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    The Pacific is a Beautiful and Dangerous Mistress

    “The sea was angry that day my friends, Like an old man trying to return soup at a deli”
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    Whitey on the move….

    white geese got completely blown out of my area with the late season. Getting shot as they flew off the roost every morning cleared them out. Haven’t seen one snow on my trail cam since Friday before late season. A few of these guys have been hanging out last couple days.
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    Wood duck boxes, duck tubes etc

    My brother spooked a hen out of one of our boxes two weeks ago during our late snow goose hunt. We usually don’t see hens in our boxes until April
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    Vintage gear.. remember these?

    Yep, my dad, bro and I had two. Dozen plastiduk sprig in one and a dozen plastiduk mallards in the other.
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    Game camera's, who scouts for ducks and geese with them.

    Used them for awhile now. Also helps to keep track of water levels and habitat stuff when you live far away.
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    Pro tip for spring goose

    Use utv as mobile blind. As goose flight pattern moves, just move to that spot and start shooting again.
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    Pro tip for spring goose

    Don’t put decoys out. Go out 10 minutes before shoot time. Pass Shoot the fly out as geese go to feed. Go back in after an hour and have breakfast. Seems to be the ticket
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    OK... Lets hear about the worst gun you've owned.

    Won a ruger 10/22 in camo a few years ago at cwa dinner. Has not been flawless to say the least. Mags are a pain to get out. Jams. Could be I haven’t really broken it in but not great out of the box. Need to put a few hundred more rounds through it
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    Good luck Veterans

    Pops had a good hunt yesterday. Was not his best shooting day but got a nice limit. 2 mallards, 2 spoons and 3 teal. High light of the day was watching him shoot into a flock of over 200 teal. He dropped two teal and a random spoony out of the flock. This was also his first bird of the day.
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    Its time for new cell game camera's

    I’ve been happy with SPYPOINT. not happy that my time lapse camera won’t be sending pics anymore because they’re updating the network it’s on.
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    Road Cover - Dry or Wet Conditions

    He’s talking about arundo donax I think. Stuff spreads. Has shallow roots. I got rid of all it growing around my place. A lot of people around me are getting rid of it
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    What about calls

    I use a basin white devil. Very good call. Easy to use. No ecaller here.