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    Jimmy Buffet

    What’s the best Jimmy Buffet song? Debate.
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    NFL this weekend

    I don’t know if I’ve EVER seen four games this good, especially in one weekend. I haven’t really had time to watch football this year, but I’m sure glad I ended up being able to this weekend.
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    It’s hard to figure out why they lose millions of dollars every year. :scratch FYI, Fayetteville is 2 hours from my house. And the update on top is the last update.
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    Share if you feel inclined to…

    My wife’s twin sister had a baby a couple weeks ago. Cole wasn’t supposed to be able to make it more than a few minutes…We all prayed for a miracle and he’s 2.5 weeks old now. It is literally beyond my understanding… He’s got a long long way to go, but he is consistently outperforming all...
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    Hey y’all yankees

    I don’t wanna hear nuthin else about us closing schools for snow. I saw on the news your schools are closed because it’s 90°. :l
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    Happy wife happy life (advice in link)
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    Plastic pouring or injection molding anyone?

    Hey guys, anyone on here either do pour or injection molding of plastics or rubber? I’m working on developing a product, got the final prototype nailed and now I’m looking into how to run production to keep it profitable.
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    Brisket tips

    Smoking my first brisket for my graduation party this weekend and don’t want to screw it up, so I’m going to be doing a bunch of research between now and then. What tips or information do y’all have?
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    Officer killed in the line of duty
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    College softball

    Has anyone here had a daughter that played college softball? At any level? PM me. I have some questions please.
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    Tupac was an artist

    Real $***.
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    ID this poop

    I’m thinking bear?
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    Your other hobbies

    Since we are stuck at home and it’s not hunting season, what hobbies are keeping you busy? I’m sure there’s lot of us that fish. What else are you guys into? I’m working on whittling down my honey do list (normally try hard to avoid this), but when I’m not working from home or doing stuff with...
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    Free waders

    I haven’t duck hunted in a couple years and I don’t see that changing soon. I used my waders to trout fish last month and found out they leak in the boots now. I don’t see myself fixing them, so if anyone is interested in fixing it yourself, you are welcome to them. Located in New Bern.
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    How it be on the fuge

    OP asks a question. IE “Any of yall have a good recipe for cooking some fish?” The fuge “answers” Reply 1- I haven’t been fishing in a week or so. I hope they’re still biting. reply 2- I used to love going to this one restaurant in Tuscaloosa named Sandpiper when I was on business trips...
  17. ducknwork

    Columbia waders

    Does Columbia no longer make waders? I went fishing yesterday in mine and got soaked. I’m looking online for the model I have and can’t find any waders anywhere. I have to wait another hour to call about a possible warranty...but now I’m concerned they don’t even carry them anymore.
  18. ducknwork

    Considering a dog

    I don’t really want to get a dog, but I think the time is nearing that we need to get one for the kids, so I’m looking for suggestions on breeds or any other advice. I think it will be at least a part time inside dog. Small to medium is what I’m thinking, for example a lab is too big. Not too...
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    Guess I screwed the pooch on this one

    So a bunch of years ago, I wrote a “duck hunters prayer” as my sig line on another forum. Just googled “duck hunters prayer” today and it’s on 50-11 products for sale all over the internet. Shirts, cups, mugs, rugs...yep, screwed this one up apparently, I should have a few more bucks in my bank...
  20. ducknwork

    Houston Asterisks cheating punishment

    What a joke! MLB should have vacated the title, fined more than $5 million, handed out some lifetime bans, and made them forfeit more draft picks. Maybe even have them fined the amount equal to postseason income from 2017 and distribute that to other playoff teams that were “wronged” in October...

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