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  1. Jordan Vizinat

    Was your dad a duck hunter?

    My dad quit duck hunting in 1983 when he said the ducks quit coming to LA. Used to tell a story about Richard K Yancey being the whistle blower on DU doing everything they could to keep them to our north. He took me until I was old enough to go on my own. He’s the best bow hunter I’ve ever met...
  2. Jordan Vizinat

    Inflation Reduction Act

    A lot of y’all b*tching, but how many of you are willing to put your neck on the line and stop paying taxes?
  3. Jordan Vizinat

    FBI has raided Trump’s Mar a Lago home.

    The FBI is a terrorist organization.
  4. Jordan Vizinat

    Do you remember your first duck hunts!

    My first duck hunt I was probably 8 or so (1998 or 1999). I was actually on a squirrel hunt, October in NELA Ouachita River Bottoms, not even duck season. Dad sat me down next to a tree and said sit here and shoot a squirrel if you see one. He went off looking for squirrels and to scout for...
  5. Jordan Vizinat

    YOUR highest valued call!?

    It’s good. He cut it for me 6 yrs ago and needs a new reed and cork now. I hunted it the first couple yrs, then put it on the shelf. I prefer a Gordon Bragg or Tyler Rogers cut over KMs now. Still a great call.
  6. Jordan Vizinat

    YOUR highest valued call!?

    Yes, pretty sure it’s a 2. Highest I’ve ever seen him do is 3.
  7. Jordan Vizinat

    YOUR highest valued call!?

    Most I’ve ever paid for a call, so I’d assume it’s still worth the most, is a KM cut Keyhole Olt.
  8. Jordan Vizinat

    Your favorite waterfowl to hunt!!!

    Mallards in the woods, hands down. Distant others: A Sunday morning woodie shoot w an old gun and good coffee in a cypress break, huge flocks of Pintails in a coastal flat in TX w redfish tailing in your decoys, 85° September Teal hunt in a Louisiana marsh (fighting off snakes, gators, and...
  9. Jordan Vizinat

    Louisiana Boys! This is important!

    I haven’t paid taxes in four yrs… just claim exemption on your W4 paperwork
  10. Jordan Vizinat

    The best BBQ sauce you ever ate ?

    I’ve been to Asheville, NC twice in my life, they have a BBQ joint near some railroad tracks and old abandoned industrial buildings. Put some kind of blueberry BBQ rub on their ribs. It’s hands down the best I’ve ever had. Mustard sauce is of course good too. I don’t know the name of that...
  11. Jordan Vizinat

    Black ducks - where to go

    For you guys that shoot them regularly, are there different sub species of them? It may just be the pics, but their seems to be some color variations. Some of y’all’s pics look almost like Mottle Ducks, others are black as night. The one I shot in Michigan was black as night with bright red...
  12. Jordan Vizinat

    Black ducks - where to go

    I’d 1000% swap a hunt w you. Mallards (hopefully we get an actual migration this yr) in the woods of NELA. Or mixed bag of marsh ducks in coastal LA.
  13. Jordan Vizinat

    Music heads....please weigh in...

    I had the chance to see George Jones when I was in the USMC. I didn’t go bc tickets were $60 (to much for a Private in the Marines). Three weeks after the concert he died. I’ve always regretted that.
  14. Jordan Vizinat

    Black ducks - where to go

    I flew from LA to Michigan one fall to go hunt Mallards and hope for a chance at one. Over the course of a week I saw 12 or so. Always mixed in w Mallards. They stuck out like a sore thumb, but the groups of Mallards were so big it was hard to find ‘em when it came time to shoot. One of the last...
  15. Jordan Vizinat

    Squadfest 2022

    “Squad Fest”, DB, 24.7 Hunt, and every YouTube hunter trying to make it, is everything wrong w “the industry”. Change back.
  16. Jordan Vizinat


    So is it private or public or both?
  17. Jordan Vizinat

    And so it begins…..

    It’s been almost 10 yrs since I’ve touched a J frame. You boys make me want to try one of his.
  18. Jordan Vizinat

    Guys like this are a problem

    If I’m not mistaken, and going off memory, our M4s were Colt and the M16s were FN. SAWs and 240s were FN
  19. Jordan Vizinat

    Guys like this are a problem

    Napalm sticks to kids ;)
  20. Jordan Vizinat

    Guys like this are a problem

    Why bring up a 22LR then? Unless I missed a message somewhere. An AR chambered in 556 nato or 223 is by far and away superior.