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  1. baileydog

    Long time no post....

    The Alabama season is about to start. Let the games begin. I will be out rolling around like most years. Have fun stay safe and put on a PFD.
  2. baileydog

    FIL world championship of Lacrosse

    USA wins 10-7 over Canada in opening game. BTW, Lacrosse is Canada's national sport. 38 countries. Going on in Denver! The Iroquois team, USA and Canda best three teams. England is best in Europe. WAY more entertaining than a sport where you can't use your hands:tu NO FLOPPING...
  3. baileydog

    Roll Tide

    I enjoyed the games this week. LOL Alabama will have to beat a good Auburn team to get to the SEC title game. FSU only has to play a REAL bad UF squad. Gators will not make a bowl this year. :eek:
  4. baileydog

    Requirements to be a guide

    Can an American be a guide to Canada? I was told once that you had to be a resident to be a guide in Canada?
  5. baileydog

    Few teal given the #s from survey

    I have seen very few teal in Alabama. The survey numbers say few have a record number. So who is seeing the #s? I have killed some just not finding any numbers.
  6. baileydog

    Geese- re-painting white patches

    I have several where the white patches that have chipped off. What is the best paint to use?
  7. baileydog

    Texas AM is not a SEC team!

    Well they may be another Ms State. I do not understand why the SEC wants them. I hear TV market BS. Every one in America can watch the SEC on ESPN or CBS. There are a bunch of players from Texas in the SEC now. I know Gene Stalling and Bear Bryant and all so what. They are 10th in...
  8. baileydog

    Residents VS flight birds

    On Sept 1 we get resident geese season. I have had success but not always. Do you use a different calling style on those birds? They are born here, live here, eat here. They know every dang goose on the river by name! Thoughts?
  9. baileydog

    Ohio state players get cars??

    O it is getting deeper. I only poke fun due to the attitude of SOME people. We learned in the SEC that cash is harder to track........;) Too much paper work with a car. He is going...
  10. baileydog

    Goose flag ??

    I hunt resident Canada geese out of a boat or a Fatbot DP. I want to start to use a flag. I have looked at Flagman products. I am not sure which one to get. The decoy in the Sky or the T-flag? Any body use these or another brand? How long a pole do you need. We do good on the geese...
  11. baileydog

    Some Eukanuba recalled!!

    I have feed mine Eukanuba for years. Not these types but still. Crazy stuff. Latest News Subscribe to Business Courier Cincinnati > News > Industries > Retailing & Restaurants Monday, August 2, 2010, 10:02am EDT Procter & Gamble expands pet food recallBusiness Courier of Cincinnati...
  12. baileydog

    Deadliest Catch- DRUGS ?? Man I tell you those folks must throw a heck of a party.
  13. baileydog

    We need a third party

    If we had both houses divided between three political groups it would require more coalition building. Instead of one party (either) shoving their agenda down 50% of America's throat. If you had to pull people from the other parties it would make for less voting on party lines. Just...
  14. baileydog

    Wood duck box post/pole?

    I need some ideas of what others have used as the post or pole they mounted a wood duck boxes on. We are going to build several 20+ and I am looking for something that will last and we can drive into the mud along creeks. ?
  15. baileydog


    This web page is just like the season. WEAK or poor.:z Few ducks. Not just here either. I have talked to people in TN that do not have any either. Must be all the food left on the ground up north. Go figure. I am up and going again. Good luck.
  16. baileydog

    Delta meeting- Birmingham

    The Banquet is right around the corner. I hope you all plan to attend as Delta really needs your support. To attend the banquet, you can purchase an Individual ticket ($45) , couples ticket ($60), youth ticket ($25) or a corporate table ($500 with 10 tickets to the banquet). You can...
  17. baileydog


    I did a little this week no major news but some ducks and geese. I wanted to get out today but work got in the way. Sunday sounds like the day.
  18. baileydog

    Moutain Man

    Are you still out there? Send me a PM. I wanted to give you some info. Thanks.
  19. baileydog

    Mack's Breathable waders VS Cabela's

    I had some Lacrosse Brush Tuffs but they leaked at the boot. So I have credit due and want to replace the Brush Tuffs with some thing else. I am looking at the Mack's AST( all season Tech) waders. I like my stocking foot breathable waders but they have not pockets and are not for COLD...
  20. baileydog

    Mallard Migration???? Have you heard of this?? Funny we are not part of the MS flyway.... I guess I knew that.