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  1. KEN

    Minnesota Outdoorsman

    Is anyone here a member of Minnesota Oudrsman website????
  2. KEN

    Swan Permit

    Anyone wanting to try for a Swan this fall has until Aug 17 to apply. Both Residents and nonresidents. Apply on line at ND GNF.
  3. KEN

    Juvie Hatch

    I think the reports of a big juvie hatch were wrong. When I was in Sask in late Sept, we saw hardly any juvies. Just a few here and there. It was easy to tell, since almost ALL the blues had white heads. Now reports are saying there aren't a big bunch of juvies bringing up the tail end of the...
  4. KEN

    Reloading ads

    1. You MUST include the price you are asking for your item in your post. No "Make Offers", "Up For Bids" Posts Are Allowed, period. 2.Shooting ads only. No decoys,blinds etc allowed. 3.Ads can stay on for 30 days. They will then be deleted.You can put them on again after 30 days. 4.Ads only...
  5. KEN

    2022 Spring Snow Goose Reports

    2022 Spring Snow Goose Reports This is for reports only. If you have a question or are looking for advice, use the regular Forum. Thanks....KEN
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    NDSU plays Montana State this morning at 11:00 on ESPN2 for their 9th National Championship in the past 11 years....Go Bison :grvn:grvn:grvn
  7. KEN


    -30 here this morning. Going all the way up to -19 today. Another fine day in the "Four Seasons Playground." -30 "Keeps the Riff Raff Out"
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    Cousins has Covid.....Neither backup QB's have played a down yet.:(:(:( Night game in Green Bay in January. What idiot thought that up?
  9. KEN

    Fall hunting reports.

    Please post your hunting adventures here. I seem to have forgotten to put this up. Same rules as the spring reports. Reports only.
  10. KEN

    Kenmare Goosefest

    My son in law hunted in it Saturday. They shot 22. Winning team shot 126. About 1000 for the day for all teams.
  11. KEN

    Snow Goose Report

    Here is a report from Sask. We did Ok today.....28 birds. BUT.....20 were adults. The birds we are hunting have almost no young. When you look at them on the ground or going over....Almost all the Blues have white heads. Don't know where they came from in the Arctic, but they had a very poor...
  12. KEN

    Duck Brood Numbers Drop Considerably

    State Game and Fish Department biologists expect a fall flight of ducks in North Dakota this fall that will be unfamiliar to many hunters. Mike Szymanski, Department migratory game bird management supervisor, said based on observations from the annual mid-July duck production survey, the 2021...
  13. KEN

    Drought Likely to Impact Duck Production

    June 9, 2021 Watch the breeding duck survey webcast with Mike Szymanski Very dry conditions, along with a decline in numbers of breeding ducks compared to last year, were found during the North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s 74th annual breeding duck survey. The 2021 May water index was...
  14. KEN


    ND Governor has called a State of Emergency for ND. Fires burning out of control. Medora in western part evacuated. National Guard sent in helicopter to help. Fire 3 miles wide at Richardton. Cross Ranch in trouble. Bridge there that goes across the Little Missouri River is burning. Fire near...
  15. KEN

    ND legislative outdoor bills

    SB 2144 Active 01/14/2021 - 09:00AM Amends a section of century code relating to criminal trespass and electronic posting, including an individual would be guilty of a class A misdemeanor by entering an enclosed fence unless the individual is a licensed hunter or angler who is lawfully hunting...
  16. KEN

    Kenmare Goose Fest

    Goose Fest was this past Saturday.....26 teams. Prizes down to fifth place. Each player had to pay $100 to enter. No jump shooting till 10:00 AM Winning team had 108 S&B Second place had 100 Third place had 96 Fourth place 55 Fifth place 49 Total birds shot was 599 S&B Smallest goose weighed...
  17. KEN

    2020 Plots Guides available

    Here is the new Guide for this year.
  18. KEN

    College Football

    The NCAA Board of Governors is scheduled to meet on Friday and there is growing speculation that they may shut down all fall sports championship events. The board is primarily made up of presidents at Division I universities across the country. It's worth noting the board does not have the...
  19. KEN

    Spring Breeding Duck Numbers

    Spring Breeding Duck Numbers The North Dakota Game and Fish Department completed its 73rd annual spring breeding duck survey in May despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and results showed an index of nearly 4 million birds, up 18% from last year. Migratory game bird supervisor Mike Szymanski said...
  20. KEN


    The Minneapolis City Council will vote to end the Minneapolis Police Department. And there are enough votes to over ride a mayor's veto. Then what????:scratch:scratch Is this just a way to bust the union and start over?????