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    BM Report.....

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    My new to me Cab Boat

    GET YOUR *** OFF THE FREAKIN ROOF!!! Jug & Pimp....:fp
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    My new to me Cab Boat

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    Goober Week

    :l :l:l
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    Lower Vallier

    Dere it is....:l
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    Reposting from facebook....boat races

    Wooooooooo! :l
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    Kirk McCullough's letter to Democrat/Gazette

    Damn I miss that Old place!!:yes
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    A little something

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    A little something

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    Duck Hunting in 30 years?

    I started in 1965, I was 9 years old and the mallard limit was 1 duck. I've hunted every year since then mostly in Bayou Meto, Arkansas. I've seen so many changes it's almost hard to believe...The point system, 2,3 & 4 duck limits, 30 day seasons, 45 days & 60 days. Motor size restrictions...
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    Arkansas WMA's vs. Federal National Wildlife Refuge's OOS'er

    Yes, they had a pile of paperwork, thick as a Bible on him that they had collected over 3-4 years prior.Yes on the camp as residence and yes on still living, though part time in SC....MG
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    A little something

    Shore did....lost a Bunch of BIG trees.....out of power for a week......ouch...:z
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    A little something

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    A little something

    DAMN! That guy is GOOD! :flame
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    Daughter’s first shot on an animal

    Very Nice! And a great memory for you!...
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    I "Lived" in Arkansas for 3 Years, and some of this stuff y'all talk about doesn't make sense.

    Half the people I hunt with are OOSers.....:l.....BUT, it was nice in BM during the restricted periods, but missed hunting with my ooser buddies. I don't think it effected the economy one bit...they all came as usual and went to the NWRs...:reader
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    Arkansas WMA's vs. Federal National Wildlife Refuge's OOS'er

    A great man I know from SC has a camp just down the road from me....he's been coming here(BM) during duck season for 30 years he tried to beat the system legally...He owns land here and pays taxes on it....He came here and went to the Revenue office, surrendered his SC drivers Lic and obtained...