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  1. rbaldwin

    FOUND Tanglefree Panel Blind

    While out checking the marsh yesterday evening, I walked up on a Tanglefree panel blind. Given the high wind warning for today, I moved the blind to prevent damage. If it is yours or you know whose blind this is, send me a PM with info on where you had it set up and I'll tell you where I stashed it.
  2. rbaldwin

    Bucket w/ hunting gear found at Mud Lake launch

    I happened across a note left at the Mud Lake launch but have seen no traffic to the same on here so I am posting info to hopefully help the finder and the "loster" get connected. The note read as follows: "Found: Bucket w/ hunting supplies. Tell me what was inside and you can claim...
  3. rbaldwin

    Lost G&H Standard Canada Goose Shells

    Folks, A friend of mine ?lost? about 2dz G&H Standard Canada goose shells between Tuesday evening and Friday morning and I?m asking for help from the person that ?found? them or someone who might convince their buddy, who just came into a pretty good deal, to return them. Although doing...
  4. rbaldwin

    Cabela's Coupons up for grabs ... expire tonight!!

    These are good for a couple more hours ... sorry ... thought a group of us were going to use them ... $75 off $500 Blue/number: 241085712 Yellow/Code: RWCRTV $40 off $300 Blue/number: 239085117 Yellow/Code:AXHZRW $20 off $150 Blue/number: 237085113 Yellow/Code: CYHTHZ
  5. rbaldwin

    Merry Christmas!

    I've enjoyed this site for quite a few years ... learned a lot and laughed a lot to say the least. However, I humbly acknowledge that I have little to offer in waterfowling expertise, so you won't see many mainstream posts by RBaldwin ... but I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a merry...
  6. rbaldwin

    Mil/Gov/Dep Ducks Unlimited Banquet

    The Military/Dependent/Government (MGD) Chapter of ALASKA DUCKS UNLIMITED invites you to come out and have a great time while supporting wetlands conservation on 19 DECEMBER 2009 during our annual banquet. Location, general timing and pricing options are as follows: St Patrick Parrish...
  7. rbaldwin

    Cabela's Coupon - $20/150 - Exp 7/7

    Cabela's Bucks Rebate # (blue): 188708795 Cabela's Bucks Code (yellow): RVTUHK Hope someone can make good use of it. rb
  8. rbaldwin

    Scavenger Backwater Motor Buy

    Folks, I called Scavenger Backwater Motors last week regarding Alaska shipping. For the motor that I'm interested in (6.5 Honda), it looks to be around $300-350 total versus the online L48 list cost of $100. However, they mentioned that a multi-motor buy would bring the cost down ... as an...
  9. rbaldwin

    Couple of Cabela's coupons ... expire tonight!

    Meant to post these a few days ago but lost the thought ... $20 off $150 blue - 184683226 yellow - TUCTRR $40 off $300 blue - 184863226 yellow - ETHKKT ** THEY EXPIRE AT MIDNIGHT **
  10. rbaldwin

    Anchorage DU Spring BBQ

    Per request ... 12 April at the Egan Center Doors open at 5:00pm and something like 70-85 guns are in the mix ... From hearing comments from some of the committee last night and today during vol awards and training seminar, tickets are getting scarce for this event. And ... from what...
  11. rbaldwin

    DU Waterfowl Hunter's Party

    The Ft Richardson/Elmendorf AFB - Military, Government & Dependent Chapter of Ducks Unlimited will host the first ever: Anchorage Waterfowl Hunter’s Party March 15, 2008 St Patrick Parish, 2111 Muldoon Rd, Anchorage. ALL YOU CAN EAT BBQ CHICKEN-WICHES, CHIPS + DESSERT FREE BEER...
  12. rbaldwin

    Anchorage area Bird Flu study

    Some folks may have received a request in the mail to participate in a bird flu study being conducted by the CDC. I heard about this from a hunting buddy and I gave them a call. It turns out that all Anchorage bowl waterfowl hunters are encouraged to participate whether you got a mailer or...
  13. rbaldwin

    FREE Cabela's $15 Off Coupon ... expires 3 Dec 07!

    Folks, If you use this card, please post a reply that it is no longer valid. It is a $15 OFF card for phone and internet orders. The card states that there is no minimum purchase. It expires today, 3 Dec 2007 and it is a "one use" card = first to use it is the one that gets it. Buck's...
  14. rbaldwin

    Cabela's Coupon

    I have a Cabela's coupon for $20 off on a $150 order that expires 5 Mar and I do not "need" to use it. Therefore, it's free to the first AK person that posts a reply to this thread. Please no PMs to me. I'll reply back with the blue/yellow code on a PM or email ... whichever you prefer...
  15. rbaldwin

    For Sale Items

    I posted some stuff on the classifieds and I wanted to give folks a heads-up here because there are a few items that are not really "shippable" ... Suburban, golf clubs, computer monitor, and such. Any items that already include shipping will obviously benefit greatly from a Fred Meyer's...