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  1. morduks

    Fool FCL Ate Chocolate

    Koko, my 5 year old 55lb FCL invaded the shopping bag when we were not looking and made off with a 3lb bag of Hershey's Nuggets which she then proceeded to eat about 2lbs worth. When we figured it out within maybe 5 to 20 minutes of ingestion we gave her two doses of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to...
  2. morduks

    Spinning Reels

    Several years ago my brother in law located a screaming deal on some Shimano Stradic 4000’s. Bought 12 of them. Great reels. We use them for everything from trout to East Coast Stripers and Albies. We upgraded bearings and drag washers over the years. I now have a Sustain 5000 as well. The East...
  3. morduks

    Warren....we need you, Quick!

    Since we aren't able to join our brother N of the Border this year, there will be nothing to do but watch your latest Vids!! Get with it, please. Tom B.
  4. morduks

    Coming Soon to a Refuge Near You

    Picked Free Roam? Be the first one to the X and since you will have time to spare after leaving the lot and LST, it might make sense for a quick spin through the closed zone to put them up. Tom B.
  5. morduks

    ATV/Quad Tires

    Need to locate 2 front tires for 2008 or so Arctic Cat. 205/80 R12. Use less than 40 miles per year on gravel levee roads at club. Never drive fast and never w heavy loads. I do not use it in the ponds so mudders not needed. Any suggestions are welcome. Heck, I would even buy used set if...
  6. morduks

    Younger at Bistro

    Pliny Yoinger day at bistro today. Morduks says check it out.
  7. morduks

    Crane eh?

    The other day was good and today was Better So it was pretty fun this morning. Hunted with a couple of Canadian cousins and characters from Arkansas. They got their first cranes.
  8. morduks

    Morduk’s Mor-Gud Report ( International Edition)

    The Chinese Premier called me up today - we (Xie Zhou and the morduks) are like THAT these days what with tariffs and Hong Kong and what not. In any event he called to tell me that he was sick and tired of New England style Hazy IPA’s and to ask what I was thinking. I told him I was thinking of...
  9. morduks

    Morduks’ MorGud....

    well you know the rest. Warriors halftime here at Harry’s Redwood City and I am compelled to offer up an unredacted report, to wit: Avery's 2016 The Beast. Oak bbl aged 16.8%anv. Described as a dark Belgian Ale this beer is plain and simple a kick *** adventure. 4 or 8 oz pours only....for a...
  10. morduks

    Morduk's Mor-Gud-Beer Report

    I can't speak for others, but this lawyer always takes notes and right now one of my favorite seasonal (420 etc. etc.) beers worthy of note (pretty adroit, no?) is on tap and also available in bottles at many stores. That would be Lagunitas' The Waldos. Waldos is a triple IPA. At 11.7% abv it...
  11. morduks

    Off Season Possibilities - New Zealand here I come!

    Never heard of peacock shooting but this looks like big fun. Surprising the number and varieties of birds shown on the video. Tom B.
  12. morduks

    Morduk’s MorGud Beer Report

    2017 Avery Tweak. 16%abv. Imperial Stout w coffee. Bourbon bbl aged. Pours like 30 weight motor oil. Light foam head. Thready legs on glass to very end. Light coffee and choc nose. This may have surpassed Abyss in my pantheon of most excellent beers. Sorry, but not telling u where I found it...
  13. morduks


    Morduks Advocates Great Ales: My fellow Americans, in the interest of bipartisanship and reconciliation between various factions I strongly urge each of us rise up and decamp to Harry’s Hoffbrau, Redwood City. There both sides of the aisle will be found drinking outstanding offerings from...
  14. morduks

    Thanksgiving and Beer

    morduks thankful? Damn straight. It’s the season for Imperial Stouts and Russian Imperial Stouts, of course. Luckily Harry’s Hoffbrau in Redwood City is close at hand and ready to deliver holiday cheer to those of us in need of solace and/or absolution. Both come to mind when sampling an 8 oz...
  15. morduks

    Morduk's & Mor Gud Beer

    I'd sweat over perjury traps too, were I to be a habitual liar but I can say without fear of perjurious consequences or a timely invocation of the 5th Amendment that Harry's Hofbrau Redwood City is again loaded to the gills with my kind of beer. Deschutes The Abyss - 11% abv. My personal...
  16. morduks

    The Necessary Mor-Gud Beer Report

    One would think that our local publicans would remember it is 90+ outside and concentrate on quality Ales, Lagers, IPA's and such but NOOOOOO! Harry's in Redwood City is now pouring Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout, Goose Island's Bourbon County Stout and unbelievably Hanger 24's Pogachevs...
  17. morduks

    Uverse TV sucks!

    Wife is retired ATT and we have always had their landline phone, internet along with comcast cable. Internet at 20kbs was frequently the rotating circle of death on the screen while streaming = terrible so she signed up for ATT fiberoptic and Uverse. Installer came yesterday snipped off comcast...
  18. morduks

    Morduk’s MorGud Beer Report

    a bit slow around here and so to level up the conversation I am recommending the Bistro in Hayward for bourbon bbl aged Narwhal. On the peninsula try Harry’s Redwood City for Founders KBS. FULL PINT POURS! Now that is a breakfast of champions. Several nice DIPA’s too. Errata: 2018/19 hunting...
  19. morduks

    Morduk’s Mor-Gud Beer Report

    Avery Tweak at Ale Arsenal in San Carlos. 17.5%abv. KBS event at end of month. DO NOT DRINK MY TWEAK! Tom B.

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