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    My brother and his wife are USAF and can confirm that this is, in fact, real.
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    Dear MLB

    We won district and finished 4th in eastern NC 12u. So proud of the boys.
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    Vin Scully....

    Watched the rebroadcast last night of the Gibson game. Pretty awesome stuff.
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    Any fly fishermen on here?

    Not familiar with Bryson City, but know a few places around Boone where I caught trout a couple weeks ago. Plus some really great shops that offer guiding.
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    Vin Scully....

    Hard to beat Vin’s final call at home-extra inning walk off with the division on the line-
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    Vin Scully....

    Joe Davis is good, but it sure has not been the same watching Dodgers games since he retired. There can’t ever be another like him.
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    Fishing glasses

    I found a pair of Smiths in the creek I was fishing last week. Cleaned them up and WOW. I wouldn’t have spent $260 on them, but I also can’t say they’re not worth it…
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    Anyone else build dip nets?

    This is super awesome. Thank you @Woodduck31 !!
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    Anyone else build dip nets?

    Couple questions…where do you guys get the net portion of the net? How do you get the wood to bend? Thinking about building a couple, but not sure where to start. Or maybe I’d buy a custom one if someone is interested in building one…
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    The best BBQ sauce you ever ate ?

    He flipped his lid and got sent away.
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    Few more headed out

    I miss the days I was so into this stuff!! Stumbled on the calling forum today and WOW. Got a couple RMCs that will never go anywhere no matter how long it’s been since I duck hunted!
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    Annoying voices

    I can hardly watch baseball on ESPN because of Eduardo Perez.

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