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    Ducking Hunting Trip out of Homer

    I got lucky. I have an amazing wife.
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    Ducking Hunting Trip out of Homer

    My wife surprised me with a trip to Alaska for my 50th birthday. As a part of my trip, I've booked a sea duck hunting trip with Fowl Weather guide service for Thursday October 21st. As I will be going alone I am wondering if anyone or maybe 2 other hunters would be interested in joining me on...
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    Trumps base! Is is blowing up?

    I think the base increased a bit but I think the normal supporters just got more vocal.
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    Roll Call!

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    Roll Call!

    I check it out several times per year.
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    ISO: Lodging in Divide County

    Google the local cafes and bars. Call at a slow time of the day and ask if they know someone in the area that rents houses.
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    3 Fav Hunting books:1.Waterfowl; 2.everything else

    Bill Cooksey and Vahunter, I just finished "Across the River and Into the Trees". I like EH and his style but I had a hard time enjoying this book. I can look pass a 51 year old man being in love with a 19 year old girl, but I just can't look pass the fact that he kept calling her "daughter"...
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    If you don't get a response. Google the bars and cafes for those towns. Call and ask them if they know the name of people that rent house to hunters.
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    Favorite Youtube Channels

    I get a kick out the Hydraulic Press channel.
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    Other natural phenomenons!!

    Just this spring, I had a huge hatch of toads in my yard. Just a 1/3 acre in the suburbs. It started out when I noticed a couple hundred baby toads the size of an M&M in my landscaping. By the next morning, countless thousands swarmed the yard. It was a still day but the grass moved like a...
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    Pet Peeves

    Lazy turds that won't walk their shopping carts to the cart corral. I'd love to grab their cart and take a running start and slam it into the side of their vehicle.
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    Old Man Strength

    I am on the downhill slide. As a young man I farmed and worked construction. I weighed about 150lbs and could work all day. Now, I am 45 and teach elementary school and go about 165lb and if I worked as hard as I did at 25. I wouldn't be able to get out of bed. I could get back in pretty good...
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    Downtown KC questions

    I had a great time this past weekend. I was very impressed by downtown KC. Lots of awesome sites to see and restaurants at which to eat. I loved Jack Stack's lamb and brisket. The sauces there were very good too. Had beans on the side which were excellent. WWI monument was very inspiring. I...
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    Downtown KC questions

    Thanks for all the advice. I appreciate it!
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    Downtown KC questions

    Morning, I will be downtown KC this weekend. I won't have time to get outside the downtown but still want to get some good BBQ. The options close to my hotel are Jack Stack's and Plowboys. So I am wondering which I should try as I only have time to hit one? Plan to take in the WW1 museum and...
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    Favorite hat

    I wear a couple different ones. I like one with a headlight built into the brim. However, my favorite is a tan army camo baseball style cap made out of Gortex and lined with thinsulate. It has a flap that folds down from the inside of the cap to cover my ears and neck. It is waterproof and...
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    Not sports

    Competitive eating can be added to the not a sport list.
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    what is your favorite thing to make you cry

    I am often choked up when listening to vets speak about the sacrifices they have made and hardships they suffered for our country. God bless all our vets.
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    Turn--Revolutionary war spy series on AMC/Amazon....

    My 11 year old son is studying the revolutionary war in his social studies class. I was thinking about watching it with him. Is it appropriate for his age. We don't shelter him by any means, but I don't want to get part way through and have to explain the birds and bees either.

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