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    Please help-Looking for Tumble weeds for my boat blind

    How many do you see on my blind?;)
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    Please help-Looking for Tumble weeds for my boat blind

    I’m an Iowa guy and was checking marsh water levels today. I also collected some NATURAL vegetation for my 360 blind. I’ll add to it when I’m actually hunting, but raffia grass and natural stuff hides pretty good.
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    Delta membership premium disappointment

    You were making a contribution, not buying binoculars.
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    Does it still exist?

    Yup. Strange!
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    Does it still exist?

    Occasionally I get emails from I don’t pay a lot of attention, but looks questionable. Fill me in you guys that used to hang there.
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    Current river

    My grandparents lived near there years ago. Now only my favorite aunt an cousins live in Van Buren. My cousin was sheriff of Carter county for several years. Really beautiful area.
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    New Mexico Elk

    I can’t get reliable ignition with Blackhorn in my T/C Encore. I tried a couple different breech plugs and it worked sometimes but not always. It seems to be great stuff and I wish I could use it.
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    New Mexico Elk

    I used those Hornadys in my T/C High Plains Sporter. They did a great job.
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    Woykin for a Livin

    Luv’n me some bari
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    For all Grandpa's out there...

    They are more fun when they’re a little older.
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    Long Day at Work

    That’s a lot of hp! How big is your boat?
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    Solar panels

    I love my little house. Kids are gone and we have more room than we can use. When our daughter moved out, our energy bill cut in half. Twelve month average bill @ $155 for gas and electricity.
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    Sticky plastic

    I use my Browning Silver with Duracrap so much, I wore most of the sticky before it became an issue. Cleaned the rest off with Googone. No harm. Had a BPS that was in the safe most of its life and got so sticky it was almost impossible to drop it. Googone and elbow grease took away the sticky...
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    New Mexico Elk

    Steve had a really bad m-loader elk hut that resulted in a wounded animal that was not found. Bad shot or bad bullet, who knows.
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    When the grandkids just won’t quit.
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    New Mexico Elk

    Yes, I am using them for deer. Barnes makes a larger 300 gr bullet too. I believe a three pellet load or the equivalent and the 300 gr would be great for elk. My dad killed cow elk with a .54 caliber round ball. Of the ones I recovered, one went completely through the deer and lodged in the...
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    New Mexico Elk

    I don’t know what’s legal in NM, but here’s what I shoot in my m-loader.