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    BRBR Management

    R, you articulated my issues way more eloquently than I did. The refuge is being managed more like a national park than a waterfowl production/hunting area. The priority is not on public hunting opportunity or IMHO, optimized habitat management. All you have to do is look at the Bear River...
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    BRBR Management

    Thanks gents. Things are always more complicated than they appear. That said, those I know who work in the refuge office would disagree it is pro hunting. And the refuge has filed a lawsuit against the club.
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    BRBR Management

    i need a reality check. Am I the only one who sees serious mismanagement at the Bear River Refuge? Phrag has ruined Duckville, Unit 3A, most of 3B and so on. Unit 9 would be unusable if Greg Mullen hadn't pulled the public safety card and mowed the phrag down. They bought the Canada Goose club...
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    Shotgun camo

    Folks, is anyone aware of palace locally that will camo dip shotguns? If not locally, then where would you send one to? Thanks in advance.
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    Success this year

    Donk, my experience this season has been the same as yours........poor:mad: After 4 seasons of serious quack smackin' carnage, I knew the good times would eventually have to end, but never thought it would be so abruptly. Talking with the refuge managers, things are pretty bleak for ducks...
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    need help with mud motor

    FM, a stock 35 Hyper will work fine with that size boat. I ran one on a 1648 riveted. My buddy runs an all welded in that size and a 35. You may need to keep your weight forward just a little and run a transom saver while towing but it should work out fine. Remember you can never have enough...
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    Farmington Bay

    Anybody know an outfitting operation that can do layout boat hunts at Farmington Bay?
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    Starting time for opener

    So the reason opening day time is delayed is based on a concern for safety. Evidently we hunters are unsafe in the dark on Saturday but safe on Sunday. I've pointed out the silliness of this to Tom in the past but evidently someone in the division still holds on to it. That said, the...
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    Waterfowl hunt changes

    Josh, I agree rotating Pintail and Widgeon is a good idea. I originally thought they were closing Widgeon and that was the extent of the change. Never hunted Clear Lake, but it sounds like it's no impact to us. Went out to BRBR this week and their is more water than I expected. First time...
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    Waterfowl hunt changes

    MK800, the argument isn't the youth hunt pushes birds out. It just educates them a little earlier. The beauty of opening day is stupid birds. With the youth hunt a week before, they are simply a little wiser.
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    How much

    Me worries an awful lot about botulism this year. Conditions are perfect for it. BRBR sucked last year due to lack of feed and it will again this year.
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    Waterfowl hunt changes

    Opposed to both moving the youth hunt date and motorless area. We moved the youth hunt for a reason, to let the ducks settle back down before the opener. Folks will remember when the youth hunt was a week before last time, the first shot opening morning made the ducks look like they'd been...
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    Where'd they all go?

    This has been the most bizarre season I can remember. It started off hot, just like last year. Then, around Halloween, somebody shut off the tap and never turned it back on. The month of November was pretty much a waste and December has been worse. I figured our habitat was poor due to...
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    Camo dippin

    My Benelli is serious need of a new camo job. Is there anybody locally that re-dips them?
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    Broken Prop picture for Donk

    I blew one up a few years back. Never hit anything, just motorin along during the summer. Rather viiolent event. Shakes the hell outta yer motor.
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    Spur water level

    Now that BRR is dumping water, has anybody been able to get boats or airboats out?
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    Salt Creek Project

    Is Randy still going to have a second volunteer day to finish planting the islands?
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    Boat Ramp at the spur

    That's cool. Plan to use it tomorrow and I'll be gentle. Now, if our mystery infrastructure improvement man:bow could fix the POS road leading to the ramp we'd be golden.:grvn
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    Late season success

    OK, I'm not trying to do some internet scouting here....but, I am genuinely interested how much success folks have been having the last two weeks. My last few times out to the late season honey hole have been fairly slow. Seems the birds are grouped up on scattered pockets of water, super...
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    I found your black sock...

    What:confused: No cigarrette butts or empty beers cans:scratch What kinda low brow, milk tote'n rednecks we dealin' with here:doh