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    Swan guide

    Go here and post for help. Plenty of guys on this forum who can put you on a swan and won't charge ya. Pretty easy hunt.
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    overall public hunting opportunities are almost limitless. plenty of public areas to go hunting for all kinds of game. drawbacks are less of a lake (gsl) every year and increasing population to compete with.... that about sums it up!
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    BRBR Management

    Alright, so I had a good friend tell me of a bunch of broo-ha between the bear river club and the Feds. He stated that the club is suing the Feds. Not sure who or what to believe. I was told that some lawyer guy is forming an advisory committee as well to get after the Feds and their pathetic...
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    BRBR Management

    Spoke with Bob Barrett today. I asked him about this lawsuit thing. He said their is some discussion over various issues that he was not at liberty to comment on, but stated their is NO litigation with the Bear River club. I didnt ask for details as I don't care to be honest. So that rumor is...
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    BRBR Management

    You need to understand how the refuge fights invasive plants vs private land owners. This is where governement is just so awesome (sarcasm here)!! The refuge has to develop an evolving management plan on how to treat phrag, then they have to acquire funds, then comes implementation of it. On...
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    BRBR Management

    Tell me more about this law suit.
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    BRBR Management

    I seriously doubt their is any fighting with the bear river club. The Feds and that club work very closely with one another. Here a couple yrs ago the Feds were short on funding for some project/land and guess who wrote the check? Yup the friends of the bear river bird refuge. Which consists...
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    Pink Bands

    just a guess here but id say its a bird that was once part of a private stock of some kind. aviary collection, zoo, bubba in his back yard. nonetheless i like your idea that its a breast cancer awareness goose! Id go with that!
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    well who is ready

    Been "getting ready" since Feb. working the soil, planting grass, building pits, watering grass all spring and summer. Been really busy getting ready....
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    Weather and water

    The weather has been dismal. Talked with a farmer today and he said he was afraid to plant his corn. Its bleak, real bleak! this ought to brighten your day. I posted this up on a different forum. behold the GSL Killer This is the proposal to dam the mighty bear river. Dont...
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    Cranes in Wanship Kamas

    Could be one or the other. Handful of them nest here every year.
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    Going to Moab

    Try you might find a good deal on a vacation house, but then again spring is peak time for moab.
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    Its King Eider Time

    My 2nd trip to hunt kings was over the top. It was short and quick but fulfilled every expectation. I ended up with a few bonus birds! Super excited about them! Here is my bag, plus a few more Kings. Top notch guide service you run Charlie! Sure do enjoy Russ and and the gang!!:tu
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    Can this be fixed?

    Im considering having this spoonbill mounted up. Best one I have shot in years. The bird took a pellet across the top of the head just before the feathers reach the bill. can this be fixed?
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    Private Land Duck and Goose Hunt

    Spooner quit guiding years ago and he no longer lives in the state.
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    Shot my swan

    Tundra or trump? What's the bill measurement? Great bird! Congrats!!
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    UWA Website and registration

    Amen to that!!! I was east of that dust storm. it looked nasty!!
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    UWA Website and registration In case you missed it. Here is our next battle. and its a big one!
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    UWA Website and registration

    Just wanted to announce that we have a new website up and running. while info will be added to it as time moves its finally up. Just wanted to invite anyone who is interested to register on the site. we dont charge for memberships. So its all free. Also we will NOT solicit or sell your...
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    Choke tube threads in the barrel are worn out - help!

    Yes, although it was loose or you could wiggle it from side to side a bit.