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  1. Fogie

    All things Corona and COVID-19

    Who knows personally someone who was completely healthy, then caught the bug and died?..because I don’t know anybody who fits that description personally who caught it and was seriously ill anymore than from a cold or at the most, a flu bug. I do know some who were chronically ****** up by the...
  2. Fogie

    $400 Cooler vs $50 Cooler

    ….old tow strap
  3. Fogie

    All things Corona and COVID-19

    Remember when the liars were saying that folks were dropping dead without warning in China’s streets?…been lying ever since, so screw em’. ”million dead”…riiiiiiiight
  4. Fogie


    ..if you are thinking wrong, PM me:tu
  5. Fogie


    Sounds good. Kirch opens Oct 15th and my opener close to home is Thanksgiving Day cause it’s too hot before, that leaves some time to give you a visit…see your stomping ground. We will be passing through on the way to Illipah end of the month, Crawdad Grub and Two Old Guy’s Concert…Saturday...
  6. Fogie


    If you can’t kill them all, send some South…:D eh?
  7. Fogie

    Who's whatchin' the hen house?

    Costco prime or Neff‘s Hooked Triangle from Ruby Valley, Nevada. Anything C prime is the most tender ever and grass fed from that family is most flavorful. Grilled 16 pounds of Costco prime filet last night that was just fantastic, on almond. All we can eat lobsterfest and HT tomahawks on...
  8. Fogie

    FBI has raided Trump’s Mar a Lago home.

    Maladjustment compels wandering, when they hit ocean they can’t anymore and afterward go around in small circles…my theory
  9. Fogie

    New technology and cash

    Have never paid in person with a card and will resist doing so. Places that are no cash are no-go. Walked out on George Strait a few months ago because of ”cash free facility.” Won’t take a card or electronimo-pay of any kind. Cash or check. I do use safe CCs online and for some autopay, have no...
  10. Fogie

    While you were distracted- your taxes went up

    oh, but you have to dig deep…politifact Lmao That’s some deeeeep digging:l:l:l
  11. Fogie

    Lots of rain.

    Some serious water standing in the yard Thursday night, really came down
  12. Fogie

    And...i have a new Bird dog too

    There are plenty of salt/calcium flats on the river we hunt, I just want to see the guy dyed green with a brown Snoopy spot. I would imagine that he will be stained red like the sand/mud down there in no time anyway., so kind of kidding.
  13. Fogie

    FBI has raided Trump’s Mar a Lago home.

    It’s all a joke
  14. Fogie

    FBI has raided Trump’s Mar a Lago home.

    …a matter of vital national security, lmao
  15. Fogie

    Ever feel like Job?

    Good idea
  16. Fogie

    Ever feel like Job?

    $4500 for a transmission rebuild in the work truck, at least it’s a write off. Worst part is having to drive the new Power Wagon in grubby work clothes for a few, my leather….
  17. Fogie

    For those who still doubt

    You triggered them so badly, that they can hardly type. :l
  18. Fogie

    And...i have a new Bird dog too

    I didn’t bring him home but he is smart, a fetching machine, not sensitive to noise and loves the water…he will fetch a bird this year, half poodle and four months old. She already agreed to dye him olive drab for the season.
  19. Fogie

    I "learnt it" on The Duck Hunters Refuge

    have learned that all those years I was envious of hunting other places I shouldn’t have been, it’s a struggle for many….and that most guys obsess, work crazy hard and spend fortunes in preparation for ducking.