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    Reasonably priced semi auto .20

    I would love to swing by and check out that weatherby in person! I have been looking for a 20. Did you buy a Tristar youth for your grandson? I will be in the market probably next year for a youth model. Everyone seems to love the tristar shot guns! Are you keeping fog straight with that...
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    one more question boys.... Sitka or smartwool merino baselayers?

    What do you spray your feet with????? I agree I am a huge fan of Sitka. Their jackets are absolutely the best. I agree they have missed the mark on their base layers. I am not a fan of zippers on my base layers. Spend your Sitka money on other pieces. First light is great, my favorite is...
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    What Y'all Cooking?

    Shrimp and grits with fried flounder! No sides, patiently waiting on Santa.
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    Third Split

    The best thing that could happen is we have 5-6 terrible bufflehead years. Maybe then the guide pressure will ease up. The poor little guys get a thumping around my part of the state. Rant over!
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    I caved. Ordered a Sitka.

    So……tonight is the last night for free 2 day shipping from Sitka. I love my wader jacket (arguably the best jacket they make). I almost always wear the duck oven under it and a lot of times I am too hot. Do you guys that have the Dakota hoody and duck oven prefer one over the other? Seems like...
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    Annual wader purchase

    Heck i couldn’t even sell my Avery waders in line at ups today when returning them! A guy behind me jokingly asked if I like them , I offered him the same deal I got with full disclosure about the inseam. He passed.
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    Annual wader purchase

    Tried on the Avery breathables today. Weird inseam and belt location. The insulation in not removable, which makes the wader very puffy. Back they go….
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    I caved. Ordered a Sitka.

    I loved the older Columbia sportswear stuff as well as the older cabelas goretex jacketts. The drake stuff is junk. I have also jumped on the Sitka band wagon. The duck oven and wading jacket are the two best water fowl pieces in my opinion. I have almost bought the Dakota hoody but I wonder...
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    Annual wader purchase

    Any one have experience with the Avery breathables, or am I the Guinea pig?
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    Boiled Peanuts

    I boil several pounds at a time. I use as much as I can stand zatarans hot and spicy crab boil or pro boil. Boil all day and then soak all night . Bay it up and freeze them in quart freezer bags.
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    Annual wader purchase

    Well I ordered the Avery breathable waders from wing supply. We shall see how they last. Hopefully frogg togg will make right on my return!
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    Annual wader purchase

    Don’t you feet get cold in those?
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    Annual wader purchase

    Well the breathables I am returning were a pair of replacement waders from warranty issues. The original pair was not used bushing or building blinds. I have some old neoprenes for that. Simply worn in the boat to the blind. Open water hunting. The replacement waders were received in March...
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    Annual wader purchase

    Thanks for that! I wonder what’s better lacrosse or Avery??????
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    Annual wader purchase

    The deals on lacrosse?
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    Annual wader purchase

    So today I find my self returning a pair of frog togg breathable waders! They were a warranty pair issued by frogg togg! I wore them once and they leaked! So back they go. In the mean time it’s time to hunt! I have a back up pair of neoprenes. Am I better to just order neoprene waders or...
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    Tidewe and gator waders

    I am trying to explore other options in breathable waders. I noticed Amazon offers a few brands I do not recognize -tidwe and gator waders. Does any one have any experience with either of these two brands?
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    Careful out there …

    I went river float tubing on the cape fear in lillintgton with relatives. It was hot, no wind, and took forever to get to the finish line. I was with several of my in-laws. Swore I would never do it again and I haven’t!
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    Lost an old member

    Man this sucks. Terrible news.
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    Fishing Charters Suggestion

    Many, many, many tunas have seen there demise over the back of that boat. Not a boat In MHC has seen the tunas captain Parks has. I can promise you that! You built this boat didn’t you?