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  1. soto11

    Best skinnies?

    DIVE BOMBS.. get 5 doz. and you will see why. i have been using them since the came out
  2. soto11

    Decoy weight

    I would use at least 10 oz on them for sure. It will add some pounds to your bag, but you won't be swimming for decoys
  3. soto11

    On the Bench in 2022

    very cool
  4. soto11

    Delta membership premium disappointment

    sorry to hear you are disappointed. give them to your son and be glad you helped out Delta Waterfowl. we do wonderful things for our water fowling community.
  5. soto11

    Delta Waterfowl - Regional Director - WA. OR. ID.

    didn't they hire one already?
  6. soto11

    How long does take to force fetch a dog?

    well, it all depends on the dog. I have trained a lot of dogs in my time. sometimes it takes 2 weeks sometimes it takes months.. just depends on the pup. you don't want to push them to hard definitely on this part of training. just roll with what your dog is telling you. you can also use...
  7. soto11

    Little off season fun. Post the day you all join this forum.

    2002 for me. Killed alot of birds since
  8. soto11

    The bad news from the clubs are starting.....

    Damn that sucks. Sorry
  9. soto11

    2022 Hunting Dog Pictures!

    Lol I was just going to start this. Haha Here is my hound. Timber
  10. soto11

    E collars

    I use dogtra.
  11. soto11


    Open it up make everything legal. Thanks alot
  12. soto11

    Let's see them dogs. This is Timber

  13. soto11

    Unique dog picture

  14. soto11

    19' boat blind ideas please

    very cool thnx. where did you get the camo material at?
  15. soto11

    19' boat blind ideas please

    ok cool thnx. yes they do offer a blind, but im look at all my options.
  16. soto11

    19' boat blind ideas please

    just bought a prodigy 1960. i'm looking for some good ideas for a good blind. homemade or store bought doesn't matter. thanks in advance for the help. Don
  17. soto11

    H weights.

    Is there anyone in around the Albany oregon area that can make H weights? I have the weight.