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    I haven't noticed any doves yesterday or today. Did have quite a few on the highlines. 50 degree night s send all the locals packing ?
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    Anybody else have this problem ? All my alerts have been wiped clean ??
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    Memorial Day Thank You

    To all Veterans and to all the families whose relatives gave their all for this country. HAVE A SAVE AND HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY !!!!
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    Spring breeding counts

    Has anyone heard if they are going to fly the breeding pairs / habitat this year. I have been trying to research it but can't find any info ??
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    Northern zone snow

    Did you guys get as much as they were forecasting. Enough to send some of those honkers to the central zone / I hope so. Thanks for any info.
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    Merry Christmas

    To all you FUGERS out there: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year: Stay safe and enjoy all you can.
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    Spinner decoys

    I have two older spinning wing decoys w/ folding wings. There is no marking of any kind on the decoys. The back pops out to insert the battery. Anyone have any idea who made that type of decoy? Need new motor for one of them. Thanks for any help
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    Radar activity

    Bird migration showed significant migration starting last night about 2000 hours when that front blew in from the NW. Continued this morning w/ a peak around 0800-0900. Showed em moving south. Anybody out there notice movement today? I didn't hunt. Dog is down for a couple of days and I needed...
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    Winchester model 59

    I have 2 Winchester model 59's w/ the Winchokes. With todays modern wad would it be ok to shoot 2 3/4" steel in these guns? More and more lead ammo is getting outlawed. I love shooting the model 59. Lightweight, quick pointing. Great dove, small duck gun. Thanks
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    CZ opener

    So how was the opener? Haven't heard much. We saw some ducks and geese but nothing workable. No shots fired. Canton area. Some shooting at Rice Lake but not what I would call a lot. Most of it in same general area.
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    Illinois River

    Anybody watching accuweather? They say the river is going to flood stage by opening day in central zone. Looking at radar I don't see where it is coming from unless it's still out west. What a mess for opening weekend. Sanganois won't take but about 13' Beardstown stage then it tops their main...
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    Canada hunting

    Last I heard the border was still closed. Any new info ?
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    Semper Fi

    To all you marines out there active and retired. They got 12 + - of you plus one of mine in a Hospital Corpsman. Hope we get out before any further casualties. Bungled from the start by politicians just like Vietnam !!!!
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    Quincy Il. area ammo.

    Was in Gamemasters today to check on ammo. They have virtually nothing in 2-3/4" or 3" steel or otherwise. Have some 3-1/2" but very limited. Good luck guys. Don't know where else in that locality to but steel ?
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    Blind Drawings

    Anyone heard anything from the State about the drawings in July yet ?
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    Deer herd

    Looks like the deer herd in W. Central Il. is in good shape so far. Saw a big buck and a small one in the last week. Tonight I saw 3 does and 4 fawns grazing in a cut hay field just across the road from me. Big buck looked like the 10 pointer left over from last year. Hard to tell this early...
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    Illinois Duck Blind Drawings

    Will they happen this year ? Personally I doubt it. Prickster isn't going to let 1500 to 2000 people get together shoulder to shoulder, masks or no masks, shots or no shots. So the next question begs: Has the IDNR been working on this situation for the last year like they should of been ? Or are...
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    New DNR format

    I purchased my 2021-2022 senior combo license on line and printed it out. No special place to put the Federal Duck Stamp. Anyone else notice this problem ?
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    Age of users on the Fuge

    Interested in the diversity of ages
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    New steel shells ?

    Was checking out shells at my local Farm Supply store today. They have a new to me shell called MAGNA. Says made in Canada. Anyone have any experience with them ??