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  1. Rick Hall

    You ever have a calling?

    Good on her and the rest of that crew.
  2. Rick Hall

    Flooded corn

    Lordy, wouldn't that be nice.
  3. Rick Hall

    Pre-test regimens...

    Could help to have every dog in the neighborhood slobber on your training birds, too.
  4. Rick Hall

    I "learnt it" on The Duck Hunters Refuge

    "What once was old is now new..."
  5. Rick Hall

    Red Shoveler... Shovelers

    No telling what will turn up in a Houma gumbo. While there, you may have learned that the Cajun nickname for shovellers is "micouenne": a very large paddle-like spoon. And, perhaps from association with that duck's bill, micouenne evolved into one of the Cajuns' umpteen-and-twelve nicknames...
  6. Rick Hall

    Dog growing skittish

    Greeting approaching storms playing in the yard has long been one of our noise conditioning practices, but can be a pain when, even as old dogs, they want to go out in every storm and you're not sure whether they need to pee or just want to be out in it. Still beats watching one shake in fear.
  7. Rick Hall

    Red Shoveler... Shovelers

    Yarch! Your mom made you eat grays?
  8. Rick Hall

    Small spread for ice conditions

    Same six I'd have walked in with otherwise:
  9. Rick Hall

    Red Shoveler... Shovelers

    We band so many as by-catch to sets targeting pintails for telemetry study and banding here that it was no surprise when one of my guys shot this recent capture on our season's last morning: Have yet to shoot a "greater-billed mallard" likely to have been through my hands before, myself, but...
  10. Rick Hall

    Red Shoveler... Shovelers

    What duck doesn't?
  11. Rick Hall

    Invasive Cdads in TX

    If they're like our crawfish, you might have to peel them with a hammer by June.
  12. Rick Hall

    Red Shoveler... Shovelers

    Well, it's nice to be loved, but if you think making due without moving to where more birds want to be requires no adjustment, you're addled. Hunting where there's more and/or tamer game may well require the least adjustment.
  13. Rick Hall


    Nothing but what may remain of your dignity keeping you from putting it to use now. And who needs that?
  14. Rick Hall

    Red Shoveler... Shovelers

    If we all adjust and shift to whatever-wherever, it won't still be there either. Believe I'll just make the best I can of what is still here and let someone else screw up the next best place.
  15. Rick Hall

    And...i have a new Bird dog too

    In our part of the country, you'd be fine leaving him white. Scads of white birds and rice water control PVC waterfowl expects to be benign.
  16. Rick Hall

    Red Shoveler... Shovelers

    Hell, I've shot spoons, and my baby sister's husband had a cannon in their garage.
  17. Rick Hall

    Red Shoveler... Shovelers

    "The Shoveller walks prettily, and I have often admired its movements in the puddles formed by heavy dashes of rain in our southern corn-fields, where I have found it in company with the Wood Duck, the Mallard, and the Pin-tail. Its flight resembles that of the Blue-winged Teal; and in...
  18. Rick Hall

    Leave dog at trainer or bring her home to hunt

    Trainer wasn't too far down the road from my friend, and I believe he was there fairly often. Frankly don't recall how the dog reacted to his being at the pro's, but have no doubt the pro (a red resistor fan) reminded him of his manners electronically in that very different venue. Dog...
  19. Rick Hall

    Red Shoveler... Shovelers

    Teal have been the only other by-catch that can hang with spoons when we're targeting pintails for telemetry study and banding. No one's told the spoons they shouldn't eat at the cool ducks' table.
  20. Rick Hall

    Leave dog at trainer or bring her home to hunt

    I have. Buddy had to watch his dog run Derby and Qualifying through field glasses.