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    Finally found a nice mess. It’s been a weird year
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    Swan Lake Hunting Club Sumner,Missouri?

    Does anyone know when this club closed?
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    Swan Lake Hunting Club?

    When did the Swan Lake Hunting Club close? And The Big Lake Marine &Repair?
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    Memorial nest boxes

    This is a project I started last year in memory of my father. We’ve built 10 so far. My father loved watching Geese!!! So we’ve been raffling DU prints that we have at our DU Event to raise money for the nesting structures.
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    Oiling Canada Goose Eggs

    This is an e-mail I sent to Randy Smith. If anyone can help on here I’d appreciate it!!!!
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    Masterson and Foiles

    I’ve been searching and can’t find the post where there was a side by side picture of there calls. I believe there was a story that went along with it.
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    Doesn’t look like it was Flooded Corn’s fault!!!

    The last 5 or so years people have blamed the lack of migration on flooded corn and power plants. It appears that the snow storm that happened in the upper Midwest last week has created a major migration of fowl!!!! I’ve always believed weather was the Only factor in the lack of birds!!!! I’ve...
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    Heading to Habitat Flats today

    Leaving this morning to go hunt with my youngest son at Habitat Flats. Weather isn’t going to be the best but at least I’ll see ducks and shoot a few. It will be a welcomed change of scenery!!!
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    Little Luck on the 1st

    Went on an afternoon dove hunt with my son and grandson. No doves but ended up with a pigeon and a couple honkers. Grandson was Juiced. He kept looking at that pigeon saying”Grandpa you kill that you shot him in the eye.”
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    Vintage Foid Card

    I found a foid card of my grandpa’s that expired in 1973. I believe the foid act started in 1968,so would this be his 1st foid card. I’m assuming that it was good for 5 years. Thanks
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    Horseshoe Lake Alexander County

    Talked to a guy at check station today pretty bleak. He said they've killed 50 for the year and said 35 of those were on opening day. Last 2 weeks they have killed 3 ducks!!!!! 2020 Sucks!!!!!
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    Central Zone

    I'm not sure about the rest of the central zone, but Damn the old Hillsboro Lake mud hole is SLOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!! Hopefully the next couple days of strong winds will help!!!!
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    Black Hole Grassy Lake

    Just pulled an old thread up on the goose hunting forum about the Black Hole. 10Garem use to post some really neat pics.
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    Led re-chargeable lights?

    Where is the best place to purchase these? Figured this would be a cheaper route than rewiring. Thanks
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    SnoMachine by Performance Calls

    Does anyone have an opinion on them pro or con? We have 2 custom built callers looking to add a 3rd for a back up.Thanks
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    Goose bands from Edgefield,SC

    Went to an estate auction today to look at some calls. On one of the lanyards there were 3 bands with Edgefield,sc on them,they looked like federal avise goose bands.Didn't buy them.Just curious about origin or history of banding there.Thanks
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    Worthington hunting club?

    Did CJ sell the field behind the club house?
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    Horseshoe lake Alexander county?

    Do you think the public hunting area(permits)will be closed due to the heavy rain forcasted?Thanks have a permit for weds.
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    Non-resident waterfowl in Missouri?

    Anyone know the cost?
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    ? about non-resident waterfowl regs.

    I have a chance to hunt with some buddies this weekend for early goose in Missouri.I checked Missouri dnr to see what I needed and the cost seemed awful cheap.Looked like a 11.00 small game permit and a 6.00 waterfowl permit in addition to a federal duck stamp.Is that correct? Thanks Mike Cerutti