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  1. beglseder

    Good To See Harlis Back on the Tieton River

    I've been seeing a few pairs on the Methow and Twisp River. They are here every year. Super cool to see!! I can never get a picture of course.... During late summer I see lots of littles swimming in the rivers here. Pretty cool that they go from sea to mountain and back. They also like the high...
  2. beglseder

    Memorable hunts

    We finished the season with late season Canvasbacks and Redheads. The cans came pretty easy but the redheads were a little tougher. Love the diver hunts!! Definitely most memorable for me is watching the Cans work my spread and dump in, feet hanging!
  3. beglseder

    Any Goals For This Coming Season?

    1) I would love to try to harvest a Harlequin. No idea how I'm going to get it done and it's probably slightly far-fetched dream but I would like to get 1 stud drake and call it good for my lifetime! Some goals need to be high up there, because it's all the sweeter when you achieve it!! 2)...
  4. beglseder

    Rate Your Season

    I give mine a 5, even though the last month was painfully slow. First year targeting geese by myself. Got 15!! Got my drake Canvasback and drake Redhead!
  5. beglseder

    Dreams Do Come True!

    Yes, I did. The big river!
  6. beglseder

    Dreams Do Come True!

    I just wanted to share these photos and success story with you all. Last year I made a post about looking for a Canvasback guide or help with getting them. I had some members message me with helpful tips but I was not able to find them. I also never got connected with a dedicated guide for them...
  7. beglseder

    Goose Smackdown

    I have been having so much fun learning to hunt geese this year, on my own. This is my second successful goose hunt, on my own. I've hunted geese in the past, but always with family/friends who knew what they were doing. It is a lot of fun patterning out these birds and finding that 'X' so I can...
  8. beglseder

    Ran into a unique one this morning

    That thing is very cool!! Congrats! Love that bill.
  9. beglseder

    Opening Day Pictures/Success

    Great Picture!
  10. beglseder

    Opening Day Pictures/Success

    Super jealous of the canvasbacks. I've never been able to harvest one. Been on my dream list for a very very long time! Nice hunt!
  11. beglseder

    Opening Day Pictures/Success

    Hope everyone had an awesome, and safe, opening day!! Let's see your photos!! I was super proud of mine because this was the first time I've called geese into decoys on my own. I've only goose hunted with guys with experience, especially calling. My calling was terrible but I made noise at the...
  12. beglseder

    Now Closed: The Annual Seahawk Prediction Contest!

    11 wins, 5 losses 414 Thanks!
  13. beglseder

    The GDT “living vicariously “ through us this year thread

    Right?! I wanna hear the story behind that epicness!!! Great job!!
  14. beglseder

    Merry Christmas, Fellow ‘Fugers!

    Merry Christmas guys and gals!! Hope it's full of family, friends, food, drinks and a few ducks in there somewhere.
  15. beglseder

    The GDT “living vicariously “ through us this year thread

    Things are slowly picking up for me. I'm attempting to diver hunt this season, without a real spread, outside of 12 canvasback decoys and some mallards. Got a stud Ringneck today, plus a scaup and cans in sight ☹️. Still a good afternoon hunt! Definitely need some hunting buddies though!
  16. beglseder

    Worst case scenario on the water

    I am much smarter and safer about hunting now than when I was in school. I hunt out of my kayak and just started hunting the Big a lot to think about when doing that. I absolutely WILL NOT cross the river, even on nice days, and so I only launch and hunt on the same side. Worst case...