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    Democrat run citys

    Chitholes, all of them. Defund the Police!!!!
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    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

    Bye Felicia! :l
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    The China threat

    Eye opening.
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    Video Shorts

    Post up your favorite video shorts. One at a time please. For some reason this one cracks me up every time. :l
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    Will pelosi go?

    Will pelosi go to Taiwan or cower under the CCP?
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    Just another weekend in Chi-town

    60 shot 15 dead. You won`t here a peep from the hypocrite anti-gun democrats. No mass shooting here, please move along nothing to see here.
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    Black Republican "Sleepers"

    Wow. Just Wow. Any laws broken here?
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    RINO`s for gun control

    What say you?
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    Another shooting in Philly

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    Jack Maxey

    Hey @pintail2222 drip, drip, drip. :l This is a crazy interview. Watch it all before its taken down. Anyone know more back ground on Jack Maxey?
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    Elon buys 9% of Twitter

    What will Elon do? The woke little commies on Twitter are flipping out. :l
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    Can anyone decipher this?

    Her word salad is very strong. At least we didn`t have to hear her cackle in it. I hope the communists keep putting her out front. That`s Gold Jerry, Gold!
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    The slap heard round the world

    Well not really since 10`s of people watched it, but Will Smith`s slapping Chris Rock at the oscars poses some questions. If a fan walked up and did that he`d be in jail right now, why not Will Smith? Assalt is assalt isn`t it? If he had used a closed fist would that have made a difference...
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    Go Fund Me for Stormy?

    Poor Lippy. :l “As I have stated many times throughout the years, I never had an affair with Stormy Daniels, nor would I ever have wanted to,” Trump said. “The ruling was a total and complete victory and vindication...
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    Meanwhile in Iran

    Brandon`s about to give Iran 11 billion dollars to get some hostages back. Really? I thought that was illegal? This putz is also talking about buying oil from Iran? They`re also about to sign another nuke deal any day. Working hand in hand with our sworn enemy. What a pathetic excuse for a...
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    Look out Russia!

    Cameltoe is on the case.
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    cnn`s Zucker resigns He should have resigned over cnn`s ratings.
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    Jimmy G.

    Is he to blame or the running game that didn`t show up? Would Tartt`s "non interception" changed the outcome? Regardless Porn Star Jimmy is out. IMHO
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    She`s impressive.