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    Annual wader purchase

    So today I find my self returning a pair of frog togg breathable waders! They were a warranty pair issued by frogg togg! I wore them once and they leaked! So back they go. In the mean time it’s time to hunt! I have a back up pair of neoprenes. Am I better to just order neoprene waders or...
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    Tidewe and gator waders

    I am trying to explore other options in breathable waders. I noticed Amazon offers a few brands I do not recognize -tidwe and gator waders. Does any one have any experience with either of these two brands?
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    Peet wader dryer

    I have a peet wader dryer and love it. It has a few years on it and I cracked the base. It has become unstable and I need to brace it up to get the thing to stand upright. It has always been wabbly , has my one rigged up anything to stabilize the wader dryer??? Thanks!
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    Sitka core light base layer

    I can’t seem to get the perfect fit on Sitka clothing. Some stuff xl is perfect others xxl is good. How is the core light weight base layer long sleeve supposed to fit? Skin tight or comfortably loose? I don’t think this shirt is gonna keep me warm by any means, but it will wick sweat...
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    Base layers

    For the past few years I have worn cabelas e.c.w.c.s mid weight base layer and have been pretty happy with them. I was wonder if I would be even happier with a merino wool base layer. I was looking at first lite and Sitka. Between the two which is the best? I mainly hunt stationary box...
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    Eastern shore of va traffic lawyer recomendations

    Does anyone have any recomendations for a traffic lawyer on the eastern shore? I got a speeding ticket 70 in a 55 town of eastville police. I have a clean record no tickets ever and want to keep it that way. I know I can just pay the fine but would rather not have the points and insurance...
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    Rodgers breathable waders

    Has any one tried Rodgers breathable waders? They seem more affordable than the other big names. I love my Rodgers tough man waders! Excellent quality, but I want something lighter, breaths and easier to walk in.
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    Dog vest

    So this will be my second season hunting my female chocolate lab. She is high strung for sure! Last season she did great, and it was brutally cold. The worst I have seen it on the obx of NC in twenty years. She never ever tried to remove her vest or ever gave me issues trying to put it on...
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    Fiocchi Heritage Load

    Has any one tried Fiocchi Heritage Loads? For my past few hunts i have been using them with great success, comparable to Hevi Steel. They seem to have great knock down power at 35-40 yards, do not jam, and no fail to fires yet. Only thing i noticed after cleaning my gun last was...
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    Heart worm treatment

    Well my female lab tested positive for heart worms last fall. The vet suggested I wait till after the season to begin treatment (this was her first hunting season). Today she recieved her first shot for the fast kill method. She is week and sore from sedation. Any one with experience that can...
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    LED lightbars

    Guys I know it’s a little late in the season......I was thinking of mounting a led light bar on my grab rail. Are you guys able to use them for navigation or just lighting up the deck to throw decoys etc? Thanks!
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    Grass matts

    How are you guys securing grass matts to stationary blinds? I am going to cover my entire box blind in cabelas grass mixed with local vegetation this season. I am just trying to figure the best way to secure it for the duration of the season.
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    Purina pro plan ?

    I started my lab on purina pro plan puppy savor chicken and rice when we brought her home. I switched to the savor adult chicken and rice formula, she loves it. She eats all of her food with in minutes and has had nothing but firm stools. I train at least 4 days a week with her, and a bulk...
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    Cabelas Northern Flight choke tubes

    Anyone have any experience using the Cabelas Northern Flight choke tubes? Do you like them?How do they compare to the Hevi Shot choke tubes or Carlson's? Thanks!
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    rodgers waders

    So i found out today i need new waders! I was looking at Rodgers tough man 5 mm, them seem ok for the price. Any reviews would be great.
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    feeding schedule

    What is every ones opinions on a feeding schedule for a 12 week old lab puppy at 14 lbs? we have been feeding her one cup in the morning and one at dinner time of purina pro plan savor puppy. Our vet just said "that's great!" any thoughts or suggestions?
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    training video

    Greetings everyone....I have recently purchased a chocolate lab female for my family. i plan for her to be a family dog as well as a hunting partner. I was pretty successful training our last lab with the water dog method. That was 18 years ago! Does the water dog book/video cover basic...
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    yeti vs. k2 summit

    I am looking to get a new 50 qt range cooler. I own a smaller yeti...which works great, it was a gift so that makes it that much better! I want a cooler to leave on the boat that can hold ice, and can serve as a casting platform as well. I really don't want to pay the price for a yeti...
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    Kitchen aide meat grinder attachment

    What's everyone's opinion of the kitchen aide meat grinder attachment vs a50$-75$ meat grinder. Looking to make sausage but do not want to break the bank. My wife's kitchen aide is 350 watts which converts to just under a 1/2 hp. Thanks!
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    duck suasage

    any duck sausage recipes and tips? can i use ground pork for the fat? thanks