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    Update on Ducks/Geese in Manitoba

    I have used a guide 3 times in my life (been hunting over 50 years now..kind of seems like just yesterday I started). I've had one good experience on one day with a guide. The trips where you do it yourself, the scouting, finding the field, getting permission and then having a hunt good or bad...
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    Update on Ducks/Geese in Manitoba

    Just got back from 2nd trip to Manitoba. Started out in Boissevain, there are decent sized flocks of snow geese, not what I would call a major flight but several flocks that were in the 5-10K range. The geese were feeding in an Oat field next to corn. There were decent duck numbers in the...
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    Farmers Treated Us Well. Snows... Not So Much

    Great report! Am heading back up on Sunday. Can you say what province you were in? We were in MB first week of October, no birds to speak of when we were there and we put a "LOT" of miles on.
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    Snow Goose Report

    Just got back from MB, saw only a few small flocks of Snows and Blues. Traveled to Roblin, The Pas and then down to Whitewater. Saw lots of dark geese, minimal snows as of yet. Decent Water around Shoal Lake it got a lot drier as you headed south towards Whitewater.
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    Life Dilemma

    63 years old and my only comment would be is life is short and for each duck season you miss you can never get it back. In my work (as you get older not as many jobs are offered) I was very specific when I was told that we had a major project going live in October. I said I would not give up...