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  1. thunderfromdownunder

    Coolest goose of the year!!!

    Toss up for me
  2. thunderfromdownunder

    Spring snows

    Had potential before the snow!
  3. thunderfromdownunder

    What did I do wrong?

    3 ducks 3 geese killed. Only saw 20 ducks
  4. thunderfromdownunder

    Bird numbers?

    It’s pretty crazy to see the lack of big birds and ducks this year. Even more crazy to see the people that don’t let stuff work and sky bust. And outta Staters is mindless. Crazy how pictures f******* up but people don’t get it. It should be alarming to people but it’s obvious.
  5. thunderfromdownunder

    Odd ball?

  6. thunderfromdownunder

    New laws!!

    No more legs and thighs.
  7. thunderfromdownunder

    Trolling motors?

    They are like gold around here and you can’t find a new one. What’s the deal anyone know?
  8. thunderfromdownunder

    Any ideas?

    White patches are rock hard
  9. thunderfromdownunder

    Dogs on ice ?

    We lost o fellow sportsman 30 year guide and his dog, 2 days ago up here. dog went through he tried to get the dog and both died. What precautions do u have ? Ice picks ? Weird year for -10 to 39 day in day out. Didn’t know the guy but hunt the same area. How far would u go to save your dog ?
  10. thunderfromdownunder

    March madness!!!

    Going to be played with no fans ?
  11. thunderfromdownunder

    Cool rooster.

    100 percent wild
  12. thunderfromdownunder

    The fad ?

    all the pigeon films. Who hunts them I have a couple mojo doves. Are decoys needed if so any recommendations
  13. thunderfromdownunder

    Ear solution

    I can’t find the purple ear solution. does any body have it,off the top of there head I tried the search and it had no match? Thanks if u do
  14. thunderfromdownunder

    Sasquatch sightings

    If seen call this guy
  15. thunderfromdownunder

    An expression?

    what’s the best ? After seeing squallers “god speed “
  16. thunderfromdownunder

    Mid winter survey

    with all the states out where is ours ? I can’t find anything after 2016
  17. thunderfromdownunder

    Floating empties?

    i rarely hunt water. Mostly fields, but after watching utube the last couple days. I’m surprised at the amount of empties that people don’t grab while grabbing birds. I know watching some of the river videos they are a lost cause. But why clean up after yourself some of the rice blinds have to...
  18. thunderfromdownunder

    Gun oils ?

    bet this has brought up a lot. but anything new that would be better? I started using abu Garcia reel oil and wanted to say impressive !!