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    Why is the SD page so quiet? Its hunting season! I know there has to be a few of you been hunting or have some observation of what the birds are doing. Anyway I learned my lesson in asking a question last year (same day too) for any info so I won't but I am heading north of Pierre this weekend...
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    T/F Panelblind / Gun Holder

    Those that hunt out of a panel blind or A frame has anyone made or found something to hold your gun in a safe position. We hunt out of Tanglefree panel blinds and I hate, for safety sake, of propping my gun up in a corner or in the viewing hole. It's too easy for someone or myself to knock it...
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    North of Pierre / What are you seeing

    Anyone willing to give me a report of what you are seeing north of Pierre to Gettysburg? I am meeting my cousins from Sioux Falls to hunt early next week. We have private ground so not looking for your spots. I have an ice eater if needed on one pond we normally hunt. Feel free to PM if you...
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    Field Hunting First / Spoonbill

    Had a first last week. Took my friend's son field hunting in central IL on Thursday. He could not make it out until he got out of school so I had everything set up. He was walking to the spread when I had a group come in and he witnessed me kill 2 mallard drakes. We were talking before the...
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    Beretta A303 Sporting/Winchester SX3 Sporting Pricing

    I have a guy interested in a gun my dad had in his collection. It is in the box and never used so I have no reason to keep it. Can anyone give me an idea what to ask? Beretta A303 12/28 Sporting. 3 chokes 2 3/4" 28" barrel; In original box never fired I haven't found any information recently...
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    Anyone Deal with Billion Auto?

    My parents retired in Aug 2011 and moved to Sioux Falls to be around family. My dad was born/raised in New Holland and my mom was raised in SF. Dad passed away this past June so we were back in SF last week to go through dad's things, get a headstone ordered and find mom a new vehicle. Mom...
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    IL DNR Revised Deer Management

    I didn't want to hijack the Deer Survey thread but this article was posted on Thursday along with the tag survey. For my county the way I read it is that they are happy with the deer population which is not good along with many others in the state...
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    Drylock / FOID Tracking Chip?

    Dylock, I saw this on the IL page of today. Any truth to this or people just being paranoid again? A friend of mine is all worried about it. From: jstephens61 l ....... Date: 19-Feb-12 Believe it or not... you're new FOID card contains an embeded tracking...
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    H Weights

    Am I dreaming or didn't someone have H style weights for sale on the IL Classifieds in the last 2 months or so. Looked a few times and also did a search with no luck. I am looking for 15 to fit over Flambeau Super Mags
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    Corn Is Flooded -Options Now

    A friend of mine down by Metropolis corn is flooded from a storm yesterday and early this AM. The drainage ditch that runs by his property overflowed the levee and he has 3-4 feet in his 5 acre duck hole that was planted in corn. He has a water control structure on it so whenever the ditch goes...
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    Goose Decoys & Snow

    I know it is a little late in asking this but does anyone have a good way to keep snow off the decoys? I have heard of guys spraying the decoys before it snows with a salt water solution. Does this work or does it leave a white residue when dry. I know it would be dependent on the mixture rate.
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    More than one guy claims the banded bird...

    What do you guys do when more than one person claims they shot the same banded bird? Last year 3 of us claimed we shot the same banded goose. I made the recommendation that the 3 of us each pick a number between 0-99 then reading the last 2 digits of the band. Unfortunately it did not work in...
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    Clinton Lake Youth Hunt / Donations

    This year the Clinton Lake Waterfowl Association along with the Illinois Prairie Delta chapter is having an inaugrual youth duck hunt. This hunt is geared towards those youth that have not yet had the opportunity to experience waterfowl hunting. The youth/adult will be paired up with a CLWA or...

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