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  1. duchntVA

    Thinking about getting an English Lab from these folks.

    seems there are mostly show titles on those dogs...don't see any hunt titles..if you are buying the dog for conformity and show reasons looks good...if for hunting I wouldn't risk it
  2. duchntVA


    Couple of recent taxidermy posts on the Virginia forum to check out... George is located in Ashland, which is north of Richmond and around the corner from Bass Pro and greentop...bit more than an hour from you but could knock out a few things at...
  3. duchntVA

    Clark Brothers Guns

    dicks sporting goods had a heck of a sale flyer on guns come in todays one get one 1/2 off ammo too.
  4. duchntVA

    Richmond Area Taxidermy

    Hunters Haven.... Saw George's studio today WOW ...I can safely say "I have a new guy"...thanks for the suggestion guys!
  5. duchntVA

    season so far

    the ducks know the polar shift is coming on the 21st and have already changed their migrations...the electromagnetic fields have them all screwed up!
  6. duchntVA

    Richmond Area Taxidermy

    thanks to use George now after all the raves...feel like I have been missing out all these years!:tu
  7. duchntVA

    Richmond Area Taxidermy

    Anyone got any decent taxidermists for a good price in the New Kent area? Got Gery in NC that does all my ducks...but thats a bit far to try and ship a deer head I think. Any help is appreciated.
  8. duchntVA

    What's the secret to success in sales?

    just look at where all the sales guys are on a friday afternoon!! ;)
  9. duchntVA

    Need Help on Hand Held Spot Lights

    streamlight waypoint is pretty good
  10. duchntVA

    might be looking for a lab puppy

    Today is the far 7 pups on the ground...lots of males and the whole litter is dark yellow! If you want to follow the litter check it out and like on facebook..will be daily updates. Momma and pups doing great !! :)!/ColonialPointingLabradors
  11. duchntVA

    might be looking for a lab puppy

    should be all dark yellow
  12. duchntVA

    might be looking for a lab puppy

    I have had a few PM questions so figured would add a little detail. Pedigree info can be found here If my counting is correct...this litter has 70 field/hunting titles to include 21 FC and 2 NFC's in lineage 4 pups are spoken for to date, I am keeping a...
  13. duchntVA

    might be looking for a lab puppy

    also...if you click the facebook logo and like that page...I will be posting pics of the puppies when they arrive through December...who doesnt love watching puppies :)
  14. duchntVA

    williamsburg recommendations

    I live in williamsburg...I would recommend staying at the inn, depending if this is a long weekend or short one...walking Colonial Williamsburg one day to include merchants square would be good, have dinner at one of the taverns (kings arms, Christina Cambells, or shields) and walk there. Also...
  15. duchntVA

    might be looking for a lab puppy

    I have this litter coming due Oct 1...would be ready to go home first or second week of Dec...PM or shoot an email with questions or additional detail.
  16. duchntVA

    Yella Dogs

    It?s all about breeding quality dogs...back in the day yellows might have been bred more for optimal litter color of yellow and not talent. Wouldn?t say that so much anymore. I am partial to the fox red, blends in anywhere...and when you breed for optimal skill sets you get some real...
  17. duchntVA

    Fox Red Pointing/Retrieving Lab Litter

    Hey guys..pretty sweet breeding using the famous Rooster Smasher out of Minnisota right here in VA...Got to love a versitile dog! Here is a link to the powerpoint litter announcement w/Biographys in case anyone you know is looking
  18. duchntVA

    Fox Red Stud

    another pic
  19. duchntVA

    Fox Red Stud

    here is a pic of my a ginger..the darker the better! thanks again for help guys...
  20. duchntVA

    Fox Red Stud

    thanks 43X...good looking bitch and he share a great grandfather FC Cornerstone Wizard of is a pic of my girl if interested...

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