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    The Passing of Barrett

    Last Friday, my friend Marc's Chocolate Labrador Barrett was killed in a wildfire caused by an electric transformer that exploded near his property, which burned down Barrett's kennel with him still inside. Barrett was nine months old and was in training to be Marc's primary hunting dog at the...
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    WA Brant Foundation Event

  3. GoPackers

    Mazatlan Duck Shooting

    Crossed off another trip on the old guy bucket list! Incredible wing shooting for fully plumed out ducks in Mexico last week with my son in law. Mostly Teal, Shovelers, and a few Pintails. Our wives had fun all week at the resort we stayed at while we hunted for the first 3 days of the trip in...
  4. GoPackers

    Assorted Blue Bill Hunt

  5. GoPackers

    Sitka Waders - Season 2

    Three days into this new season the left boot at the neoprene cuff on my Sitka waders began leaking, just like the right boot did last December. The good news is they turned around the warranty repair in half the time it took last December....2 1/2 weeks vs. 5 weeks. I asked the customer service...
  6. GoPackers

    Skagit County Brant Season

    Just got off the phone with Zone 4 WDFW, and they still don't have the final counts sorted out from the mid winter survey that determines the Brant season, if any, in Skagit County. They said they know they're behind, but will inform the public prior to the scheduled 1/6/18 start date.
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    He/She Mallard?

    Shot at Priest Rapids a week ago, and looks to be a male and female Mallard, but I'm no expert....
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    Mud Buddy 5500

    I need anyone's help out there who has had issues with the now discontinued Mud Buddy 5500 mud motor. My duck hunting buddy in Alberta has had numerous issues with his since he bought it new directly from MB 4 years ago. It's logged more hours in the small engine repair shop than he's had...
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    Federal Framework Set for Pac Flyway

    Pacific Flyway (Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and portions of Colorado, Montana, New Mexico and Wyoming): ?Ducks: States are allowed a 107-day general duck season between Sept. 27, 2014, and Jan. 25, 2015. The proposed daily bag limit is 7 ducks and...
  10. GoPackers

    Final Weekend w/Sons

    The birds cooperated even if the weather wasn't the duckiest you'd expect at this time of year. I think my dog is happier than my wife that the season is over.
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    Wind = Green Tops & Cotton Tops

    Thankfully the weatherman was right, three incredible days of hunting.
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    Blessed Wknd Hunt w/Kids

    I'm very blessed to have my adult kids still want to spend the weekend with the old man out hunting ducks in God's creation. A mixed bag of mostly Widgeon, Redheads, w/bonus Mallards & Bluebills on Saturday. Sunday was a bit slower with 10 birds, and we had to leave early so my daughter could...
  13. GoPackers

    Banded Hen Redhead

    My son in law, who's in the Army, shot his first banded bird over the weekend, and it had a bunch of white feathers on top of the head. Any idea what might cause that? The band report stated it was a 2 year old bird, banded in Stillwater, NV on July 14, 2012. Thx for any guesses or insight...
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    Two Great Hunts w/My Daughter

    Spending time afield with our children, and building lasting memories is priceless. My daughter hadn't been able to get out all season due to working 2 jobs, 7 days a week. First day out she bags a banded Greenhead, how's that for luck! 2nd Day we had a great Bluebill hunt together...
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    January Birds

    Gotta like the plumage on ducks this time of year. Nice long tail on this drake Pintail!

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