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    U.S.F.W option In duck seasons

    Gary Costanzo aint gonna let any of you all shoot any ducks. So forget it.
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    Flyway Council...were they high???

    I just liked having two days at the end of the season that I didn't have to take off of work from....Give me more days in october...
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    Anybody know the whereabouts of some of the old Back Bay crew?

    I see and talk to all three on a pretty regular basis.
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    Flyway Council...were they high???

    So, a couple things I just realized and feel pretty stupid for not bitching about it earlier... 1. Who the heck thought that opening goose season two days after the split was a good idea or even mattered? Why not open it with the ducks on the 19th.....was cognitive thinking even part of the...
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    Va Beach Police Chief- Anti 2nd

    "Cervera"?????? That's a really old County name. They had a King's Grant down south of Pungo and have been an upstanding family in the area for 2 centuries. F-N NOT! I hate seeing names I don't recognize from this area in positions of authority. But that's just me.
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    Arrowhead find info

    uhhhhh, paying the bills.
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    Arrowhead find info

    David, found that one on Arizona when I was in the Army back in the 90s. I took it to the University and the professor there said it was a planting implement, where they stuck a stick through it and cut off the depth they needed to plant seeds. The ring worked as a stop. I don't believe that...
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    Arrowhead find info

    South East Virginia. I'd sell all my guns, quit hunting ducks altogether if I could just look for arrowheads the rest of my life.
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    Missing duck hunters from Jamestown, VA!

    Freak, unfortunately, we're all usually a bit older when we realize that we should have been killed numerous times doing stupid stuff. The times we realize that we made a bad decision (on the water) we are typically too deep into it to do anything else but drive on. The key is being able to...
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    Hey Skins' fans.

    I'm just waiting for curling to start.
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    Buck What Gives

    Seems like I remember a similar story on Back Bay...:h
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    Public Land Etiquette

    HAHAHAHAA.....10 feet.
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    New guy

    Do a lot of reading on here and not commenting because we are all A#$^&*#s and will waste no time showing it.
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    It has been a tough season.

    4400 Club.....4400 club....
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    Public Land Etiquette

    So here's my's late season and the few good ducks around are very spooky. What are my options when #&^#&#**#**#(# shoot at mergansers every 5 minutes because they can identify something as simple as a fishduck on the wing? Do I: 1. Continue to make fun of every hunter at the...
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    Nice Rail Video

    they all look to be sora.
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    Cold front coming Saturday

    hahahahaahaaaa, yeah.
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    Cold front coming Saturday

    That is EXACTLY what mine said....funny...:)
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    In before TF......

    A final department, “Erehwon,” will cater to camping, active sports, bikes, hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding, and more. what the hell is that?? Elvish??

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