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  1. Conewago duck'n

    What's everyone's big game plans for 2022?

    What all do you guys have planned for the fall? Anybody draw some good tags? I'm waiting for the MT antelope draw, have a doe tag for MT so far. Hoping to hunt Eastern MT again this year. Just got my 2020 WY deer mount back this week. Can't wait to get back out West again.
  2. Conewago duck'n

    Rats in DC lure fox Probably the smell of so many rats in the Senate Office building lured the poor guy in. Hopefully he's not destroyed for following his natural instincts.
  3. Conewago duck'n

    The Night Watchman

    THE NIGHT WATCHMAN Once upon a time the government had a vast scrap yard in the middle of a desert. Congress said, "Someone may steal from it at night." So they created a night watchman position and hired a person for the job. Then Congress said, "How does the watchman do his job without...
  4. Conewago duck'n

    Barnes LRX performance?

    Anybody using Barnes LRX for hunting? Took a muley this year with my 6.5-300 WBY at 150yds. Bullet was probably doing 3300 ÷/- fps on impact. Deer had massive internal organ damage, passed through the heart and both lungs. However, expansion seemed to be only minimal, less than ideal in my...
  5. Conewago duck'n

    Keeping the rod bent this Summer.

    Few pics of my Summer fishing trips so far.
  6. Conewago duck'n

    6.5-300 Weatherby

    Anybody shooting a 6.5-300 Weatherby or similar barrel burner? Made the plunge on a new rifle and am curious if anyone has real life experience with bullets on game at 3400-3500 fps. I know bullet construction will be a real consideration, I'm thinking Barnes 127 gr LRX would be a good choice...
  7. Conewago duck'n

    Browning CXS?

    Anybody shooting a CXS? Looking at a 20 gauge CXS with 30" barrels for skeet and upland shooting. Other models I'm thinking about would be the 725 field. I have a 525 field 12 gauge with 28" barrels which I really like and fits me very well. The dimensions on the 725 and CXS are both pretty...
  8. Conewago duck'n

    Good luck on south zone opener

    Good luck to everyone with the south zone opener this morning. The week in October always feels like a teaser, now it's finally here!:amen
  9. Conewago duck'n

    South Zone opener

    Good luck to everyone going out tomorrow, or when ever you make it out for your own opener of the south zone.
  10. Conewago duck'n

    Model 70 featherweight?

    Always wanted a model 70 featherweight, and after unloading some unused surplus in the gun safe have room and funds for an aquisition. Looking at the stainless model, not sold on caliber yet. Definitely want to get something inexpensive to shoot. Have always been drawn to slightly "off"...
  11. Conewago duck'n

    Prop reccomendation on kicker?

    I have a Nissan 9.8 four stroke I use as a kicker on a HP restricted lake and use it on the river when the ice gets too bad for the jet. Running it on a Roughneck 1655, usually loaded to the gills, two - three guys, gear and several dozen goose floaters. Looks like my prop selection starts at...
  12. Conewago duck'n

    Xtrema 2 bolt assembly question.

    After days of hunting in the rain, it was time to completely disassemble the gun and give it a good clean up and oiling. Yesterday I tore my Xtrema 2 all the way down and while removing the firing pin from the bolt assembly wasn't paying close enough attention and when I removed the keeper pin...
  13. Conewago duck'n

    How did everyone make out today?

    Took a break from the duck chasing for a day in the woods. Saw 14 deer by 11am, ended up shooting a nice sized doe, just as I was in the middle of cleaning her a nice 8 pt came running by. Well you win some, you lose some. A buddy ended up shooting the 8 pt just 300 yards on down the line...
  14. Conewago duck'n

    Bluebills, it finally happened.

    My 1st bluebill came into the dekes this morning. :flame Not too much flying, but the birds I had in close I connected with. Ended up with a nice mixed bag for the grill. :tu [/IMG]
  15. Conewago duck'n

    Friday and Saturdays birds.

    Got invited on a great goose hunt yesterday and ended up with four nice honkers, hit the creek this morning and we scored a mallard drake and maybe the last woodie of the season? Didn't see many ducks this morning, but most of what we saw worked in and we ended up with one bird out of each...
  16. Conewago duck'n

    Pintails, it finally happened.

    After patiently waiting these last 15 years or so, had a pair of sprig work into the dekes this morning like it was meant to be. Wife has already been forewarned that this one's going on the wall. [/IMG] [/IMG]
  17. Conewago duck'n

    Another youth rifle question

    I'm looking at getting a youth rifle for my up and coming hunter in the house. We have a mentored youth hunting program in PA and he can come along deer hunting with me, he is 9 this season. I'm leaning toward a .223 youth gun due to recoil. He has shot the .22 several times this summer...
  18. Conewago duck'n

    First triple of the year.

    First triple came a little earlier than usual this year. One flight and done for the day. [/IMG]
  19. Conewago duck'n

    First day.

    Great day to be out, our shooting could have been better, but man it's finally here! Couple pics from our hunt this am. :tu [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
  20. Conewago duck'n

    Some goose action on the lake.

    Opening day on the local lake, had a group of 4 come in with feet down first, only two left. Then a single came in like a long lost friend around 10:00. There were some birds flying, but they were warier than I expected. It was great just to be out and enjoying the outdoors, despite the heat...

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