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  1. metalworx

    Delta membership renewal

    Just got my renewal notice from Delta waterfowl, and I was wondering if the binoculars are worth the 3 year subscription? :scratch:flame;):dv:grvn:yes
  2. metalworx

    Nickname help

    Need 'fuge brain trust help. Synopsis......6 months ago while having probably our best day afield duck hunting, 1 of my G&H supermag pintail decoys got shot and sunk on a cripple. 2 other guys in boat with me and both vehemently denied doing it. Decoy was recovered this morning and the...
  3. metalworx


    Haven't saw a post from him in awhile. You guys run him off??
  4. metalworx

    South central youth hunt 2021

    The smile says it all! 15 yrs old and his first band!
  5. metalworx

    Feels good to be back out again

    Opening day 2019, not starting out as we had hoped, but still enjoying the day with friends. Tempest has gotten one retrieve under her belt this morning. We wait all year for this magical time. Everyone have good luck this season and enjoy what the Good Lord has provided!
  6. metalworx

    Best place

    Fellas, awhile back there was a thread on best place to buy raffia grass. I can't seem to locate that thread so I'll ask place to buy raffia grass? Thanks! Metalworx
  7. metalworx

    Max4 camo base color paint

    Allright fellow fuger's, need help with a good base color to paint the duckboat for max4 camo using a stencil kit. I know the pattern is more of brown and khaki swirled in, but trying to keep it simple. All suggestions welcome! Metalworx

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