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  1. orarcher

    Over 80 and still getting it done !!

    A few years ago I posted a thread "Damn near 80 and getting it done" Well he's over 80 now and he's still getting after it !! albeit a tad slower and things just in general are a bit more difficult. Dad makes the trip from Y.C. each year and with the help of my 2 boys we are able to get him up...
  2. orarcher

    ISO Shims and stock chokes for a 3yo 12g Montifeltro

    Pops gave me the gun and it has a Patternmaster "code duck" choke. I would like to try out some other choke options. I also see way too much of the rib when I throw the gun up and I need the shim kit that comes with the gun. Dad can't recall if he has them or not
  3. orarcher

    Pheasant leg recipe ??

    My son bought me and my eldest boy a hunt so we went last weekend and had a blast. Ate the rest of the birds already !! They're yummy :) but need some recipes for the legs please
  4. orarcher

    Weekend pics

    As I get older the amount of birds on the strap is more and more less important. Good times and of course a bunch of birds helps
  5. orarcher

    Blind build designs ??

    Looking for designs for a Semi permanent 3-4 man (most the time just 2) blind for a ponds edge. My 80 Y/O father is most likely going to gain access to an area that he will be able to construct a blind and hunt from.
  6. orarcher

    Transfer of firearms ??

    My father is a resident of Ca. and is up there in age and at a point where he's deciding on what guns he's giving to family. Some are in Ca and some here in OR. So he asked me a couple questions that I figured I'd put out there to you guys 1. If he gives them out now (prior to death) does he...
  7. orarcher

    Franchi Intensity 3 1/2 " Problem

    I have had the gun since new and it's a few yrs old. I shoot a case or so of 3" duck loads a yr out of it. This yr all of a sudden it will dent the primer but not always discharge. I thought well maybe it's just a bad shell here and there BUT started switching out with my sons and no matter what...
  8. orarcher

    Women's waders needed

    My wife wants to try duck hunting with me. I am wondering what is out there. She's pretty small @ 5' 4" and 110lbs size 7 shoe. What's out there ?
  9. orarcher

    Dog vest caused sores !! :( :( help ?

    This past weekend I hunted Rocky for the first time this season so of course I put his vest on at the end of the day I could tell his armpits were sore. I didn't have him wear it at all the next two days but I could tell he was hurting. Fast forward to day 4 after wearing vest and his armpits...
  10. orarcher

    Damn near 80 and getting it done !!

    Had a great weekend with my dad. Haven't duck hunted together in about 20 yrs mainly due to the fact of me being in OR. and Cal. hunting has taken a turn for the worse. I finally got him to make the trip and hunt with me and my boys. What a trip !! First couple hours of the hunt and day one...
  11. orarcher

    Kid killed a goose vid (funny)

    I just seen this on the net LOL <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  12. orarcher

    Looking for an Autoloader 12 ga 3.5"

    I would love to have a RELIABLE semi auto. I have been looking at the Stoeger M3500 as it is at a decent price point that I can pull off now. BUT I have been seeing a few threads on other forums talking bad about them. INFO PLEASE ???