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    Thinking too Hard about Decoys

    Your decoys are like museum pieces, they are absolutely works of art, I don’t think you own an ugly decoy. I wish I had your talent.
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    Weird stuff you have seen in the decoys?

    Funny jeffc mentioned flamingos, my brother and I leased a pond from Leslie Salt Co years ago in Hayward California. We drove over to do some work on the blind just before the season. Look out at the blind and see a pink flamingo standing in front of the blind. Thought someone had stuck a lawn...
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    Thinking too Hard about Decoys

    Mix them all up, if you are on the X and ducks want to be there I don’t think it makes any difference.
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    Who started out with a single?

    Have a half brother who is 18 years older than me. In 1959 for Xmas he bought my brother who is 1 1/2 years older than me and myself a Stevens 20 gauge single shot. We had to take turns shooting when we went hunting together. I was 9 years old when I got that gun. My other brother never really...
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    Replacing a stock

    Those Browning stocks are very well done at the factory, I don’t think the fit will be a problem. I don’t think you will have to inlet it at all.
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    China coup

    Won’t happen, the people are unarmed and the military likes things the way the are. The Chinese military is getting everything they want from the regime. The government there will only tolerate so much before they pull another Tianamen Square, but it may be harder to cover up this time due to...
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    Time to buy truck tires

    Always check to see who made that brand and where it was made, avoid Chinese tires like the plague.
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    Time to buy truck tires

    Had good luck with Falken tires that I have purchased online and had a local tire shop mount and balance. Bought them off eBay the last time for like $500 with free shipping, but I see they are way above that now, like over double. I run 265/75/16 10 ply on my 2006 Chevrolet 2500HD. Was a...
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    Truck fix help!

    I’ve got a Duramax, battery eater about every three years. Buy them at COSTCO and when the last pair gave it up I brought them in for the core. Guy said they were still under warranty and I got 2 new ones for like $6, after I loaded them in the cart I ran to my vehicle before he maybe thought he...
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    Retriever Does It Again

    Grif, Do your dogs go through extensive therapy as they never get to retrieve a duck for you?
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    Club renter question, split rent.

    Sounds like you both manned up, sounds like he needed to more than you did. Glad you can work it out, blind partnerships that end in divorce of two friends aren’t good.
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    Reputable Rem gun parts dealer ?

    Gas ”O” ring on the magazine tube? Was the barrel not seating all the way into the receiver?
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    Club renter question, split rent.

    Blind partnerships can suck at times. Had a 4 person goose pit that 3 of us shared. Was suppose to be equally split on labor and time. Had one guy who wanted to bring guests, and myself and the other guy said no problem, we will hunt somewhere else that day. Problem was when other blind partner...
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    The color of ammo-Peters

    As I recall they were a deep blue.
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    ?Are coyotes a threat to medium to large size dogs?

    I had a Chesapeake named Cork and that dog would run them out of ditches when I was hunting pheasants with him. On 3 occasions I had him busting brush and had a coyote pop out with him in pursuit. Two coyotes died, one got a load of 5’s in his rear as he was out there a bit. Dog would also go...
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    Bird Flu.

    Question, if you have reported this to the Feds or State have they asked you to pick the birds up and if so how are you suppose to dispose of them. I know with botulism you burn the carcasses. Can the disease be spread by dead birds as with botulism, or is it not passed on by a deceased bird?
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    What I think about duck hunting

    I’m getting near the end of my duck hunting addiction. Age and some health issues limit what I could do before. Never lied to the wife what I paid for all the gear I bought, so she won’t get hoodwinked when I’m gone. But before I go I plan on giving some close friends a ton of my gear. Duck...
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    Its time for a new thread. Weird stuff in the march or woods

    You are correct, they were made and were basically only effective on overcast days, were square and the top was a larger diameter as to not pick up the sky but only the surrounding ground. Not conducive to being hauled around.
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    Battery heated gloves / Socks

    Find yourself a couple of those old Joni hand warmers, they flat get warm. I found one at a garage sale not long ago and tried it out. Without the flannel bag it was too hot to hold. Stayed warm for hours!
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    Stump blind in action

    That blind is top notch, I can think of a lot of places that would work perfect. Outstanding build (your post on the construction) to seeing it in the field is impressive.