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  1. rhpierce

    Need some prayers guys.

    Sending our thoughts and prayers from Arkansas...
  2. rhpierce

    You can run your house on it

    It will never happen. Corporations figured out that building a product too well is a death sentence. You build a refrigerator that lasts 30 years, you sold one, maybe two, to a household. Make it last ten years, and now you've sold four to six. Same for washing machines, phones, power tools...
  3. rhpierce

    Hey, Wu Chang...

    Exactly right... Good deal - good for Walt, you and the owner. Ok, I gotta share of the guys stoned a ringneck drake that fell right next to one of the decoys, at the edge of the spread. Total aside, the guy couldn't hit the gadwalls or shovelers literally hovering over the...
  4. rhpierce

    Hey, Wu Chang...

    Your post on Diesel brought a tear to my eye...I haven't had a Lab in a long time, and it took me back. But, this past weekend I also got reminded of how much fun it is watching the switch "flip" in a young dog. Got invited to go with one of my best friend's son, the son's fiancée, and one of...
  5. rhpierce

    Decoy spreads

    You either have to blanket the cove with decoys, or go the other way and hunt with, like, 6. I always want to be different from what everyone else has...if everyone runs 3-4 dozen mallards, then I want pintails, widgeon, coots, geese, ringnecks, black ducks...something. Or 12 dozen to put a...
  6. rhpierce

    Maryland Ag Secretary caught baiting

    Most of the people I know if they were in that high-level position would go to great lengths to be squeaky clean and avoid ANY appearance of wrongdoing. Now, to be fair, the waterfowl stamp violation could've been that he usually puts it in his blind bag, and it was on the counter at the house...
  7. rhpierce

    Gentlemen,please raise a glass and toast the passing of a good dog.

    It's never easy. You know the puppy is in there, and the young dog. The fire is still in the eyes, even when the body is too worn, and that's the hardest time of all. That's the price we pay for loving them so much. Rest easy, Diesel. Plenty of ducks over the Rainbow Bridge...
  8. rhpierce

    White Nationalists visits Mar a logo and a lame excuse by a former president

    So, Nick Fuentes is a white nationalist. Honestly I didn't even know who he was until this article. He is of Mexican descent, paternally, but is anti-Semetic and a Holocaust denier (which I regard as willful ignorance and outright stupidity...). Seems like a dumb choice for Trump, but he can...
  9. rhpierce

    Client images made into custom cards

    Guys, two of the sample images are mine. Bill and his wife did an incredible job shaping up the photos, and we are going to use the swan cards as our Christmas cards. I would recommend him wholeheartedly and will be working with him again.
  10. rhpierce

    So you’re not hunting today?

    At the office. This season is pretty well blown except for a couple trips due to work.
  11. rhpierce

    Black Friday Sales ???

    If you are ok with wearing wool, I'll put my $.02 in for going to the Mack's sale and buying the Geridge WindTamer full zip sweater. Shooting patches on both shoulders, $89. Softer material on the collar so if you are in the blind or deer stand, your neck doesn't get chewed up... The wind...
  12. rhpierce

    79 years ago

    One of my grandfather's best friends was a Marine who survived the island-hopping campaign and multiple landings. The reward for surviving a landing and taking an island was...going to the next one, because they figured if you survived it, you had a better idea of how to survive another one...
  13. rhpierce

    Multiple fatalities at WalMart shooting.

    They did. Shotguns and bolt action/lever action rifles, maybe a semi-auto .22, and air rifles here. Some WalMart stores don't sell any.
  14. rhpierce

    Well, it has started...

    Is that the video where the adjoining owner gets pissy because they were on the property line and their camo was touching his corn?
  15. rhpierce

    Why we need to look closer at alternative energies

    End the reliance on a singular limited resource on multiple, much more limited resources controlled by countries that are even less friendly? And, even if we use those resources, we still have to use the singular limited resource... That makes a lot of sense when you are...
  16. rhpierce

    Why we need to look closer at alternative energies

    I agree...look closer. Look at the tonnage of raw materials and environmental damage to produce one battery for an EV. That's ok though because it isn't in's "opportunity" long as we don't have to see it, it didn't really happen that way, especially if it's in a "developing"...
  17. rhpierce

    Colorado Springs Gay night club shot up. Five dead.

    And, while I agree with the review of phones, TikTok, social media, etc., somehow it seems like, "don't take the kids to a drag show" is low hanging even easier box to check off. Probably not the biggest threat, but again, easily circumvented. But that is a tangent...this shooting...
  18. rhpierce

    Please shut down Notre Dame

    Good one...forgot about him... Ru-dy, Ru-dy, Ru-dy, Ru-dy....
  19. rhpierce

    Please shut down Notre Dame

    Andy Devine?
  20. rhpierce

    Hunter Biden's laptop inquiry

    The Senate will probably try to impeach Trump again for Hunter's laptop.