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  1. fishdog

    Goose field available

    I just had a dry goose field become available in Bayliss. Planted rice. Apxx 100 acres. 5k
  2. fishdog

    Late season blind

    I have a four man pit with decoys. Brushed up roller top. Easy walk. Out of the speck closure. $500 per day. also have some layout fields Text 408-968-8275
  3. fishdog

    Late goose season blinds

    If you want a field or a blind for late goose get hold of me now. They will go fast. Ben
  4. fishdog

    Speck hunt opening

    I have an open date this Saturday for a group of 3-5. $300 per gun. Text me if you want to go 408-968-8275
  5. fishdog

    Cancellation opening

    I have an opening for a group of 3-5 for this Sunday speck hunt. Text if interested 408-968-8275
  6. fishdog

    Guided speck hunts

    I’ve got some open dates for December and January. Also putting together a couple of “lonely guy” hunts where we build hunts with singles and doubles. Our maximum is five guns. If you have 3 or more we don’t add guns to your group. Text# 408-968-8275
  7. fishdog

    Open speck hunt dates

    I have some open dates for December and January.
  8. fishdog

    Pepperjack discount cards

    I have em. If your needing training I can send you one.
  9. fishdog

    Pepperjack heads up

    Misty will be in California picking up dogs for training on October 11. If you have a dog for her to train now is a perfect time to get it on her truck and save transportation fees. That is all.
  10. fishdog

    Pepperjack Kennel

    After years of successful field trials Misty is moving into full time gun dog training! This is pretty exciting news. She has trained all of my dogs as well as Carson’s dog Tuff. By working with us and others she knows exactly what we want and need in our gun dogs. In my opinion she is one of...
  11. fishdog

    Leaving California

    My plan is to put a Biden Harris bumper sticker on my truck and head east. The first guy to punch me in the mouth at the gas station will be my new best friend and I will have found a place to call home. Tennessee looks promising. Have 21’ tournament ready bass boat and speck calling skills...
  12. fishdog

    Guided speck hunt opening

    I have another opening for this Sunday. You need a group of 3-5 guns. $300 per gun. With Carson Leber. First come first served.
  13. fishdog

    Spec hunt opening for Thursday

    I had a rare last minute cancellation for a spec hunt with Carson Leber. Hunting has been very good. You need a group of 3-5. $300 per gun. First come first serve. 408-968-8275
  14. fishdog

    Calling clinic canceled/Covid

    Nathan called and had concerns about the calling clinic with Covid spreading. So we are canceling the December 5th clinic for now. Nathan will be here at Fishdog Outdoors for two months (December and January) guiding for us. He’s excited to come and hunt a whole winter in ca and I’m excited to...
  15. fishdog

    Nathan Wright Speck calling clinic Saturday Dec 5

    1pm at the Butte City boat ramp. This will be a throwback to the clinic we did in 2005 the first time Nathan came out to California. Nathan will show calling and hunting techniques and answer questions. He will have a special run of calls available for sale he’s bringing just for this California...
  16. fishdog

    Guided spec hunts

    I am now booking guided Speck hunts for November and December. New and additional properties have given us the chance to make more opportunities for our hunters. Cost is $300 per gun. We take groups of 3-5 guns. Text 408-968-8275
  17. fishdog

    Lake Almanor ramps closing

    The USFS is closing the public launch ramps at lake Almanor tomorrow morning. I got it straight from the county Sheriff’s mouth this afternoon. That is all.
  18. fishdog


    so I’m fishing Shasta and got on the water late today because I had some things to do this morning. I get on the water about noon. When I come in there’s a note on my window. “ hey tard nice park job!” You should stick to pimping geese because your parking skills suck”. So I look and I’ve...
  19. fishdog

    Last chance late season

    We are putting together one last hunt for late season with Steph and Brian. Tuesday February 11. I have three spots. Cost is $300. Per gun. I also have dry fields with and without pits for $500 per day. You can have up to 6 guns or whatever the pits can hold usually 4-7 holes. Bring your own...
  20. fishdog

    Speck opening for this weekend

    Due to a last minute cancellation I have an opening for a single hunter for Saturday and Sunday. Cost is $300 per day. The birds are here now. Willows area. Text me if you want in. 408-968-8275

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