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  1. road kill


    Does anyone use this? I can not get it to work. It is slow and does not want to show me what I am looking for. Does it work well for you?
  2. road kill

    Lay Out Blind

    Can I get some advice here? Guess I'll need a little blind for Miss Holly too. Stan b
  3. road kill

    War with China?

  4. road kill

    Biden says "No Federal Solution for COVID."

    Joe tells Governors there is "No Federal solution for COVID!" Then why did/is he pushing a Federal mandate for vaccines? Are some of you feeling "USEFUL" yet?
  5. road kill


    Oh, wait, this is different......
  6. road kill

    Evan Graham Seminar, WI

    The cost is $150 w/dog, $100 as observer.
  7. road kill

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    As many of you know, we lost Elvis. I didn't handle it well. I'm still not. My apologies. But an opportunity came my way. So, without further adieu, Ladies and Gentlemen, meet "Webshire's Good Golly Miss Holly" I ran GRs for 30+ years before Elvis. Interesting this came along. It's nice to...
  8. road kill

    Old Dogs, Extreme Cold

    Those with older working dogs, how do they handle this extreme cold? We are in WI. 12+ year old black lab Both CCLs have had surgery Arthritis for sure Sub zero for 3+ weeks 18"+ of snow Normally run everyday, but not too much now. His life has been about work. Hunting, training, tests etc...
  9. road kill

    Special Alert!

  10. road kill

    Winter Inland Trout Season

    Anyone here trout fish the late season? Catch and release. Starts Saturday. BUT-No bugs, no weeds and very few people. I will be out doing this once a week on average until the Steelhead run.
  11. road kill

    This is NOT About Shooting a Deer!

    This is NOT about Shooting a Deer My friend, "Black Jack" Albert , owns an awesome cabin in Florence Cty. Many great grouse hunts, trout fishing trips, Bow hunts and gun hunts. Jack was my assistant coach in Basketball for several years. 2 of his sons played for me. 1 of them is now my...
  12. road kill

    Dog Drugs

    Anecdotal experience; I have Elvis on Adequan Subcutaneous injections that I do. He has been on this periodically since his surgeries. Both CCL's. We hunt quite a bit, for old buzzards anyways, so this helps with inflammation etc due to arthritis. We tried another drug, Rimadyl, specifically...
  13. road kill

    Dumb Questions

    I need some help here. I'm 69 years old. Been duck hunting a pretty good long while. WTH is going on this year? Local birds (Canada geese and Mallards) on ponds by my house are gone. Flocks of Teal with more birds than I normally see in years past. But Sat & Sun I saw none. It's been warm...
  14. road kill

    Pocket Knives

    Do you carry one? What kind? Explain the significance. Buck 110 My Dad gave me My first pocket knife at a very young age. Don't remember how old. Most significance was in scouts, hunting, fishing and as a Boatswains Mate in the USCG. My #1 tool. I carry my Buck every day. Stan b
  15. road kill

    2019 Gun Deer Season

    Plans, traditions, conditions, stories and such. I'll start. I slipped getting out of my Summit climber 2 Sundays back. I didn't get hurt, but it was a clear message. So I am going to cruise the ridges cross wind. At this point, I don't much care if I get a deer. I'm just going to have a good...
  16. road kill

    Gun Smith in Waukesha Area

    So, I have a Remington 700 BDL. Leopold scope with see thru rings. I'm so old, My eyesore is so bad, I can no longer see the bead at the end of the barrel. I want the see through rings removed and the scope mounted on the rifle properly. Advice? Thanks, Stan b
  17. road kill

    FVRC Elite Shed Hunt

    Fox Valley Retriever Club will be hosting a UKC Shed Hunt on Sat & Sun, April 21st & 22nd. I am honored to be apprentice judging Sunday. If you are interested follow the link; This is pretty cool, and FVRC puts on good events. I'll be...
  18. road kill

    Need Advice or Opinions

    I started deer hunting 55 years ago. Actually shot a small 8 point buck. I missed 6 seasons I think. 3 in military, 1 my wife was battling cancer and not sure on the others. Went to camp this past weekend, bow hunted and scouted. Just simply got bored. Not as many deer anymore, the allure has...
  19. road kill

    Long Range Ammo

    Can you guys tell me what ammo people are using in the marsh that is effective at 80+yards? Because mine isn't, and an awful lot of folks think theirs is!:flame
  20. road kill


    Any steelhead fisherman here? Any stories this year? I am just learning this sport. Stan b

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