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    Infrared broilers

    Anybody got one of the infrared steak broilers--Otto, Schwank, Beefer, or specifically any of the cheaper knockoffs? Been eying them for a while but they seemed too expensive for what they are, but now there's some much cheaper options out there so thinking about getting one to play with.
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    Last meal

    What you eatin'?
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    Oakridge BBQ

    Any of you use them? If so you better stock up as they're shutting down. Sad day at my house, about 90% of my rubs are Oakridge.
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    Pure genius

    This you @carolina girl ?
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    Well boys, looks like I'm retiring...

    Just got this bad boy in my inbox; looks like I'm set! Hello, This is to officially inform you that (ATM Card number:5199 1107 2037 2066) has been accredited in your favor. Your Personal Identification Number is 5199. The ATM Card Value is US$10,000,000.00.You are advised to contact me with...
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    Catching a few Cubs games at Wrigley

    Taking my son to Chicago for the FBLA national conference in June and the Cubs are home that week so we're gonna catch a game or two. Any advice on where to sit in the stadium? Never been so no idea what to expect.
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    Speaking of baseball...

    This looks interesting:
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    Regional bbq styles

    What's your pick?
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    The Ghost of Kyiv

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    Vehicle subscriptions

    Car companies stand to make billions by charging you monthly fees for add-on features like heated seats (
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    Anybody run yoyo's? We're quarantined and schools shut down so gonna run a few tonight.
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    Church transfer portal

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    How do you do your roux? Anyone make a dry roux? Last few times I've made gumbo that's what I've used, I like it. No real difference in taste, less hands on, and less oil. Easier for big batches too (working on about a 12 gallon pot of gumbo today). I like a really dark roux for gumbo. First...
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    What's your pick?

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    Why a Landcruiser?

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    Pretty good elevator prank

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    I've grown fond of these..

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    Dumplin' time

    Working on some chicken and dumplings this afternoon; if only I could make them like my great-grandma!

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