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  1. WoodieSC

    RIP The Mad Duck

    Ken was a good man all the way around. Godspeed, Mad Duck… we’ll miss you.
  2. WoodieSC

    The Mad Duck

    Sad need, indeed. My condolences to his family. Godspeed, Ken. The world was a better place while you passed through…
  3. WoodieSC

    Sharing of personal medical information

    Hey, pay attention, boss. Our spelling of ‘HIPAA’ has already been corrected by J.Bennett once. We don’t want to make him repeat himself, eh? :cool:
  4. WoodieSC

    Sharing of personal medical information

    Then the rules need to change. Those dipwads don’t need that info.
  5. WoodieSC

    Mossberg Choke Tubes Needed...

    olepal, I’ve had a .750 Modified Accu-Mag choke offered if you can use it. Let me know.
  6. WoodieSC

    Lost my Golden Girl

    My deepest condolences on your loss. And I fully understand not feeling like hunting without her. I felt the same after the sudden loss of my boy in my avatar.
  7. WoodieSC

    Sharing of personal medical information

    Everyone involved in that data breach, from Newsom on down should be charged with HIPPA violations. That’s Bull….
  8. WoodieSC

    Another old timer

    Welcome aboard! Pull up a stump and enjoy yourself. :tu
  9. WoodieSC

    You Should Watch This- Covid Shots

    Heck, it's probably as accurate, or more so, than to get any info from the CDC or the FDA. :doh
  10. WoodieSC

    Biden calling for ban on semi-auto firearms.

    The Democrats and RINOS can ‘KMK’… :flame
  11. WoodieSC

    WTB/LTF BLAZE waxed bush hat

    I'll send you a PM later. I tripped across a guy who make custom hats and may be able to make you one. You'll have to chat/message with him to be sure. :tu
  12. WoodieSC

    Mossberg Choke Tubes Needed...

    I’ve just been told that Rogers Sporting Goods was having a Black Friday sale that included some of these chokes. It may be worth checking.
  13. WoodieSC

    COVID treatment

    I’d do some serious research on recent results and side effects on this. I’ve read some contrary articles on it being much less of a successful treatment than broadcasted.
  14. WoodieSC

    How Useful is a Big Game Cart

    I carry a poly roll-up 'sled' if I need to haul a deer very far. But I now do most of my hunting as a single, so I try to hunt areas I can drive close to where nobody else has permission to hunt so that I don't have to really bust my butt ( it's getting too old to bust it too hard... :yes )
  15. WoodieSC

    You Should Watch This- Covid Shots

    I've had a couple of Libs try to tell me that "... we don't know that it's really due to the vaccine, or Covid itself... or if it's always happened to some people..."... yada, yada, yada. The blind sheep will never admit they are lost... :doh
  16. WoodieSC

    Jesse Watters was saying the Reverend Al Sharpton has a private jet.

    I think I need to start a non-profit organization so I can set my own compensation plan... :scratch :yes
  17. WoodieSC

    Brazil Election

    I'm not so sure he's the one we'd really want if we were in Brazil, but kudos to him for taking on these corruptly manipulated machines.
  18. WoodieSC

    Kowa compact binoculars

    If that sale is still pending... contact me for a sure sale. ;)
  19. WoodieSC

    Assuming that Trump is the R nominee…

    Btw, whomever said that Nikki Haley should’ve the VP candidate needs to get some oxygen. She can’t be trusted, and changes opinions based on the wind farts.
  20. WoodieSC

    Kowa compact binoculars

    If you still have them, I’ll take them. My wife just confiscated my 10x25’s for her own use, so I’ve got a gap to fill. :yes Let me know.

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