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  1. Small Bore Hunter

    Vee bottom boats and long tails

    I need your opinion of putting a long tail on a Vee hull boat or would I be better off with flat bottom? R I have access to a 15 x 52 Cherokee. Will this make a good swallow water and trash running unit? My outboard is not designed for thick Lilly pads and weeds in area that I want to hunt...
  2. Small Bore Hunter

    Old Evinrude 4 hp parts

    I am restoring a 1979 Evinrude 4 hp motor. I have found the lower end parts from Boats. net. I have searched several sites on the web for misc parts like fuel cut off and motor housing. They all have shown "not available". I was wondering if someone on the RF might know of a got source...
  3. Small Bore Hunter

    AR slough boats

    Killing time today I was reading about AR’s WMAs. The state of AR is blessed with WMAs compared to TN in number and size. A couple of things noted that is different from TN. A. Where shell limit is 15 each. B. 25 or 37 HP limit on motors depending on outboard or mud motor. C. This was the...
  4. Small Bore Hunter

    Tier 2 blind sites

    There is much controversy over TWRA’s tier 2 goals and rules. Some for and some against as always. We would like to hear from some hunters who drew a tier 2 blind. 1. Was the blind satisfactory? 2. Do you have trouble finding blind? 3. Number of decoys used? 4. Did you hunt all day...
  5. Small Bore Hunter

    Hunting this weekend

    We are headed to AR for the weekend. Weather up north is supposed to be bad and it's either rain, sleet or snow forecasted for the area we are going. Who of you are planning a weekend hunt with hopes that this will be the best weekend hunt with the weather forecast? South end of Reelfoot is...
  6. Small Bore Hunter

    Heavy decoy weights

    Here in West, TN at Reelfoot Lake we have a variety of hunting sceneries for decoy anchors. We have several open water blinds and wind and waves are rough at times. Lots of hunters use one or even two bricks. The problem with bricks is strings must be tied to some form of attachment to the...
  7. Small Bore Hunter

    Reelfoot Lake Calls

    We just drew a blind at Reelfoot this season. I was thinking what type call most are using now. I have the old metal reed Dennison, Glenn Scobey and RNT that are loud and a couple of others. I had a Johnny Marsh but gave it to a friend’s grandson. I doubt many are still using the...
  8. Small Bore Hunter

    Duck blind drawings

    TWRA just opened up draw applications for their WMA's across the state. The first applications are for the 60 day season. Tier 2 will start later. Since I am in Region 1 I wonder how many applicants will apply at Reelfoot, Gooch, Camden and Tigrett. Those are the four in our area. What is...
  9. Small Bore Hunter

    Public blinds at Big Lake

    TWRA in TN is trying to change blind drawings on all of their WMA's. Some permanent 60 days blinds and some blinds that the agency will build and brush and some that are boat hunt only basically. When AGFC removed the blinds from Big Lake and St. Frances Sunken what type hunting now is...
  10. Small Bore Hunter


    Anyone have any comments about the computer draw at Reelfoot, Gooch or Tigrett. At Reelfoot the number applied more than doubled than what has been showing up in person. I feel it should go back to the drawing in person.
  11. Small Bore Hunter

    28 gauge on ducks

    Does anyone hunt with 28 gauge on ducks. I have switched over from quantity to quality. I hunt mostly public ground and goal is to work the ducks not sky bust. I was invited on a hunt last year where ducks were shot at and we could not tell sometimes what type duck they were.