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  1. Clam

    ?Are coyotes a threat to medium to large size dogs?

    I have always wanted to learn about “decoy dogs”. Apparently they are trained to attract the coyotes into gun range.
  2. Clam

    lesson in how not to cheat in a walleye tourney

    Strange. Thirty or more years ago, when I took part in salmon competitions in Puget sound, it was common practice and expected that the winning fish would be cut open and inspected to make sure it was not Tampered with/illegally weighted. I do remember a full belly inspection was done to every...
  3. Clam

    Will it be too hot for the dove opener?

    We did okay near Grandview, I’ve never dove hunted before.
  4. Clam


    Does anyone have experience with the renting option? I have looked at the website where you can rent from private owners and thought about it. No storage, no maintenance (oh what fun!), no watching the thing depreciate to near zero in value etc, etc.. Just “here’s your keys back, thank you!”...
  5. Clam

    What's a 16' GoDevil Surface Drive Worth?

    In 2019 a 1648 w 23 surface drive and trailer new was 12k.
  6. Clam

    Insomnia sucks

    I have problems getting a good sleep as well. First, unfortunately (or fortunately) stop drinking alcohol. Even small amounts per day can effect my sleep. I still drink sometimes, but when I dont sleep well, I know why. Also, less naps and more physical exercise. If your mind is racing, maybe...
  7. Clam

    Prayers needed

    Prayers sent
  8. Clam

    Looking for help in pricing ammo

    I agree with Bill. Postin photos or descriptions with inventory is the easiest way to determine a value. You are going to have to inventory it eventually anyway. I’m sorry for your loss.
  9. Clam

    Whos been married the longest.

    I got married for the first time last December at age 59. So, I’m still a newlywed. I did screw up getting married in the middle of hunting season.
  10. Clam

    Carry laws and laws in general on Native Indian reservations

    Keep your guns on the dashboard and stay out of the bars, is the advice I follow.
  11. Clam

    Longshot question, but has anyone ever sponsored a refugee or humanitarian parolee?

    Simple communications (questions etc.) with the us government is nearly impossible. I did find “ uniting for Ukraine” websites. It looks like they can get a two year visa.
  12. Clam

    Will gas prices effect your hunting this fall?

    No, I’ll still go.
  13. Clam

    Any tile guys on here? I have questions.

    I agree. Cement board. I would also tape the joints.
  14. Clam

    Birthday Present

    Happy Birthday! Ive had a large BGE for over 10 years. Very happy with the purchase and would do it again. I can make tastier steaks than any restaurant, also delicious veggies and lots of other foods. The other cambados are probably good also. With the price of eating at a restaurant...
  15. Clam

    Tell me about E-bikes

    The only future problem I can see is they could eventually get banned from bike/walking trails. My wife and I rode 11 miles each way on a bike trail/ old railway bed last Sunday. Nice ride, lots of bikes and people walking. I did notice that teen boys on electric bikes were goin as fast as...
  16. Clam

    Holesinthesky benefit part II

    I put $25 in.
  17. Clam

    Decent cookware

    The Costco non stick set is highly rated and decently priced. I’m happy with it. Just always hand wash any non stick. Dishwashers ruin it.
  18. Clam

    April fools…. Right?

    Great! I really admire the prayer group here.
  19. Clam

    List your Wal Mart gripes here

    I don’t like leaving my truck unattended in either of the local Wallmarts, so it’s pretty rare I go in there.
  20. Clam

    sitka dakota hoody fit.

    I’m like the Dr above. Usually XL, but with Sitka it is 2XL. Over the years, my body has changed from athletic to needing a more generous cut. Now I’m all about comfort. 6’1 240lbs.