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    Little luck on my side tonight

    Cool pic Joseph! congrats!
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    Little luck on my side tonight

    Albifrons. How cool is that! thats good to know. Will you please post some of those pics? BTW how would one look into finding out where it traveled, sightings, exc.....?
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    Little luck on my side tonight

    Well we (my two sons and my brother from another mother) got out to Harold Crane at about 1:30 on friday the day after thanksgiving, giving the early bird hunters time to hunt without interupting them. (lol....we slept in) We were about to launch my boat and realized that I hadn't renewed my...
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    Little luck on my side tonight

    It was banded in Nevada in 2009. thanks guys for your help. Nice pics Darin! Thanks for sharing.
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    Little luck on my side tonight

    Yea it did have a leg band. It was more of a flat strap.
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    Little luck on my side tonight

    Need some help, and I knew someone on here would know. I shot a neck collared swan tonight :grvn The collar is black and It has TK2 on it. What do the color and the numbers mean?
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    Motor help

    I had a similar problem, it was bad gas, (not personally) :no Have you drained your gas and filters lately? Do that and dont forget the marine fuel stabil, the standard gas is hard on the carb. Good luck.
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    When will it stop?

    I just had a friend forward this to me and i thought that this would be a place that it would get noticed. It appears that is planning to abolish advertising of firearms in their site. This has been set-up as a "feeler" news item, but has the portent of becoming much more than...
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    Pheasant Farms

    Let The Good Times Fly Tremonton Ut Great People to work with!
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    HIP Numbers

    My experience has been that they are out there to teach the importance of the law, and having the right stuff. But I have yet to see them write a youth a ticket for not having their license signed or their signature across the stamp of even the HIP #. I had a young man out with me that had...
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    Oil spill SLC

    I think we need to look at in a different way. someone just needs to throw and spark on it and all that wonderful frag can go away. :flame:flame:flame Just my two cents. :tu
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    Farmington Burn

    Guess they didnt have the right mixture ;)
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    To all the people that read this HAPPY THANKSGIVING. :tu Eat lots! sleep in and take naps. then eat more. Get all the things you can done before the snow comes :tu go rabbit hunting or something The water will be frozen anyway. and really really cold!!!!!
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    Wednesday Hunt (pics!)

    umm nice California Mallards Nice shoot!!!!
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    would you stay home or give up duck hunting for this? :tu :scratch what would it take?
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    New Addition

    Congrats :clap Way to start her out in the right blanket! takes a real man to have two in a row! Have fun they grow up fast! :sp
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    Before-during-or after a storm

    Here in Utah we can only shoot 3 geese in a day, is that differrent in Idaho? :scratch
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    Sandhill Crane Hunt Draw

    :grvn:yes i get to play
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    Michael Jackson

    Is he really dead?:confused: Is he trying to exit like Elvis? We all know he's still alive! :tu I think its a conspiracy!!! just like we landed on the moon :cool: I think we all need to have a moment of silence for the great Farrah Fawcett! I can still see that poster from my teen...
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    Depredatation law ?

    I have walked in some fields with some farmers and they showed me the damage that they do(cranes) when the winter wheat or corn starts to grow the cranes pick out the seeds all the way down rows. and then those BIG feet stomping doesnt help i think we helped the farmers with the spring snow...