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  1. yankeegray

    Lost my Golden Girl

    10 years not long enough. Sorry for the loss
  2. yankeegray

    Another old timer

    Welcome from another old timer
  3. yankeegray

    Lost dog? -Wakenda, MO Area

    My many early morning
  4. yankeegray

    Got 3 coyotes yesterday!

    Kill then all.
  5. yankeegray

    Lost dog? -Wakenda, MO Area

    Have you checked for a chip?
  6. yankeegray

    How many members?

    Just a couple so far.
  7. yankeegray

    Labrador - First Duck Hunt

    Good looking dog and a moment to be proud of.
  8. yankeegray

    Betts RIP

    Sad to hear. Condolences to family and friends
  9. yankeegray

    Opening Weekend

    AB is on his way.
  10. yankeegray

    Off Topic and asking for a favor

    Done subscribed @818
  11. yankeegray

    I’m struggling here

    Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.
  12. yankeegray

    Happy Veteran's Day

    Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.
  13. yankeegray

    3rd Annual Abuse Shelter Giveaway

    Thank you for getting this going again this year. Will let you know where I will be making my donation this year.
  14. yankeegray

    IL....good grief

    Cook county to heavy for the rest of the state to flip sadly.
  15. yankeegray


    Hood to see you back in the chase.
  16. yankeegray

    Catch what you can....

    Interesting website. More rain in our forecast hallelujah
  17. yankeegray

    Griners appeal got rejected

    Not that I condone there actions and those who broke the law should be punished But the Democratic Party has turns this into a political circus sideshow. With plenty of clowns present PS clowns scare me.
  18. yankeegray

    Griners appeal got rejected

    January 6 ring a bell.
  19. yankeegray

    Cmon rain!!!

    Approximately 1/2 in Jackson county
  20. yankeegray

    Catch what you can....

    Thankfully we are pumping from a deep strip cut.